Future Husker Kicker Talks Turkey

Jordan Congdon, one of America's top kicking prospects, committed to Nebraska a while back and not much has been heard from him in almost two months. We caught up with Jordan to find out how his season has progressed, his thoughts on Nebraska's season and various other informational tidbits.

Jordon Congdon has been living in relative obscurity for the past few months, which is no doubt the way he likes it.  Jordan is a soft-spoken young man who would happily divert the spotlight away from himself so that others might benefit, but it's time that we caught up with him to see how he's been.  While we've not talked to Jordan recently, Nebraska certainly has.  "I've kept in touch with coaches Busch and Downing," said Congdon.  He last spoke with Coach Busch last Thursday and Coach Downing two weeks ago.  He has, however, stayed in e-mail contact with the two every other day.

So, after all this time is Jordan looking at any other schools besides Nebraska? "I'm completely 100% committed," he said.  With his sights firmly set on being the next great Cornhusker kicker, Jordan has accumulated a very solid senior campaign.  He is 9-11 on field goals with a long of 53 and has a 42-yard average on his punts.  So, with his senior season winding down, what lies in Jordan's future as far as the off-season goes?  "Probably to get my speed up, add at least five yards to every kick.  Gain 10 pounds of muscle, that'd be perfect.  Other than that, just keep my grades up and get ready for the season next year," he said.

With David Dyches still in Nebraska's program next year amongst other possible candidates for the kicking and punting duties, one has to wonder just where Jordan Congdon fits into the plans.  If he has any say, though, he'll vie for #1.  "I know I have one of the hardest work ethics of all the kickers in the nation, I have the focus and ability to kick at the next level as early as I need to," he said.  Jordan has also been keeping tabs on Nebraska's season thus far, but he keeps everything in perspective.  "I don't really care that much.  It's been a tough season but Coach Callahan brought in a whole new system and it's hard to do in one year.  In the next year, great recruits we'll be able to take care of business," he said.

With Jordan, it becomes clear that Nebraska not only inherits a fine kicking prospect, but a fine young man that they can be proud of as an alumni for years to come.

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