Could NU get another Texas wideout this weekend?

Sometimes, things just work out. Ask Brandon La Fell though and he'd say that he wished that he was still playing. That would be two official visits that he would be unable to make due to his playoffs though. Following last week's loss though, La Fell will be in attendence for the Colorado game.

At 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds, Brandon La Fell will enter college physically ready to be able to contribute next year. His 4.45/40 speed doesn't hurt either. That frame and that speed helped La Fell put together an incredible statistical year despite their early round loss in the playoffs.

"We lost to Clearlake, 32-10 or something like that," La Fell said. "I had 1,090 yards before the last game on 41 catches and 15 touchdowns on offense. In the last game I had five catches, not sure on my yards and no touchdowns."

He not only excelled on offense, but playing safety he had a great year as well. "I had seven interceptions on the season. I returned four of them four touchdowns. I had one punt return that I also returned for a score."

From one season and into another, La Fell will have basketball to start playing as soon as his body fully recovers from the long season. "We have a basketball game tomorrow night. I'm not going to be able to play baskebtall for a while. I need to get my body ready. I need to get some rest."

With the new NCAA restrictions that don't allow use of private planes, many players are unable to take some officials now due to their game conflicts. For La Fell, it happened last week and probably would have happened again this weekend if they were still playing.

"I couldn't take my official to Utah because we had a playoff game. I'll need to re-schedule that visit for another time. I am going to Nebraska this weekend."

The official for La Fell has been a long-time coming. He grew up a Husker fan in Houston and Nebraska was probably his solid leader before he took a couple of official visits.

"I have been to Arizona and Missouri so far. Arizona was alright. Nothing really stood out. Their offense, I feel like I go in and play right now. At Missouri, I liked their facilities. They are also about to add-on. Their receivers are real cool and made me feel at home."

The visit at Nebraska doesn't need to be special to impress. He is interested in seeing the new offense in action as well as meeting some people in person. One is a coach and the other is a special official visitor for Nebraska.

"I'm not looking for anything in particular at Nebraska. Same ol', same ol'. I want to see the new offense and meet the offensive coordinator. I hear that their quarterback commit will be there this weekend too."

As far as leaders are concerned La Fell isn't claiming to have one. Returning home from the Missouri official it was obvious that he was impressed by Missouri.

"I enjoyed myself at Missouri. I really did. I am still considering Nebraska. I really don't have a leader, if I had to say it would be Missouri, Nebraska, Utah, LSU and Arizona. I am going to re-schedule to Utah, for sure."

Meeting people associated with Nebraska won't just happen on official visits. This past weekend getting ready to play his game he had an encounter with a Husker legend who knew more about La Fell then La Fell did about him.

"I ran into some Nebraska alumni at a high school game. I met Broderick Thomas in Houston. I was playing at his old high school. I just heard 'La Fell, La Fell!'. He just told me that I probably didn't know him, but that he's heard a lot about me and introduced himself. I just spoke with him for a while."

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