Covey Presses On Despite Injuries

Nick Covey has battled a bevy of injuries during his senior season along with the typical adversity that a young man faces. As his future team ends their year in less than favorable conditions, how is Nick holding up? What does he think of Nebraska's season and what position could he see himself at during his collegiate experience?

Nick Covey, Nebraska's first recruit of this class, has faced unfortunate injury but still manages to persevere.  "I tore two ligaments in my ankle," Covey said of his original injury.  "My ankle's fine and I came back in week seven and tore my meniscus in practice.  But I'm already getting surgery and I've been playing in the playoffs."  


Covey's grit and determination has served he and his team well as his Mountain Ridge Club faces the same team they lost to in the first game of the year in the state playoff semifinals.  Mountain Ridge is 8-4 on the year and Covey is currently averaging 10-15 tackles per game at his linebacker spot while he has two catches on the year, one of those for a touchdown at his tight end position.


How committed to Nebraska is Covey?  "Oh yeah, definitely.  Going with Nebraska, that's what I did, so I gotta stay true to it," he said.  With Covey firmly in Nebraska's camp from day one, how has the communication been between he and the NU coaching staff?  "I talked to Coach Busch this week.  We just talked about football. Mine and Nebraska's and school, getting my grades up.  Coach Callahan's coming to my house Sunday," he said.  


With Nebraska ending out the year on a rather sour note, Covey, like many of his recruiting classmates have kept a level head.  "I'm not disappointed, but I'd like to see them do better.  They're going through a big change and they need the next two classes before they can really start the offense.  They're changing everything around, so you've got to realize they need a couple years under their belt but we'll get in there and turn things around," he said.  With the need at both tight end and linebacker, it's a wonder where Covey will find himself at Nebraska.  "I'll play whatever Nebraska wants me to play.  I'd like to play defense but if they need me to play tight end, that's fine.  As long as I'm on that field, I don't care where I'm playing," he said.

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