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It wasn't supposed to be them. Heck, he wasn't even going to visit. But, he did and everything he heard, everything everyone said about Nebraska possibly blowing him away, that's exactly what they did. And now, he's a future Husker.

Lorenzo Jones didn't plan on visiting Nebraska. He didn't know much about them, never really bothered to look up anything pertaining to them and basically, he already had his future fairly well in place. "I just planned on staying in Texas or close to it." Jones said. "I wasn't leaving, but then some people said I should check out the Huskers."


Wide receiver coach, Turner Gill actually had been recruiting Jones, but Lorenzo said even that wasn't what got him finally up to take a look. "It was people close to me that kept saying stuff like how Nebraska was just a few years ago and how everyone would have given anything just to play there." He said. "They said give it a shot and you might be surprised."


"I was."


Surprising enough that before Jones left, he let the Huskers know he would be coming back, teams like the Sooners, Arizona and even Texas were now on the outside looking in. In fact, what Jones planned on doing tonight was making sure that at least some of them knew that very fact. "That's what I want to do, just get on the phone and call them all." Jones said. "I want to let them know that recruiting is done for me and I am going to Nebraska."


While in Lincoln to visit the Cornhuskers as they hosted the Colorado Buffaloes, there were many things that told Lorenzo he needed to be a Husker. One of the biggest things, however, wasn't the fact that he saw such a promising football future, but a future without football. "They don't treat you like you are just a player and it's all about what you can do for them on the field." He said. "They were as worried about making sure I felt comfortable with their academics, so that was really impressive about them."


One other thing or in this case, person that particularly pleased Lorenzo was the relationship he developed over the few days with his future position coach, John Blake. Lorenzo said of those brief times, that it was almost like old times when it was done. "I talk to the man for three days and I feel like I've known him for years." He said. "He's just one of those people you like and relate to right away."


The relating didn't stop there as while Nebraska was dealing with a heartbreaking loss, another impressive aspect of this team to Jones was that while NU walked off with the loss, he didn't sense that this team ever once felt like they failed in any way. "You saw it." He said. "They never gave up. They didn't start so great, but there's a lot of teams that fold it in when stuff like that happens. They didn't. They kept fighting and that is about attitude, one that I have."


That attitude of Jones made him first-team all-district his senior year, tallying over 90 tackles, 20 of those for loss including 6 on the QB. It was a good year for Lorenzo, but this 6'3", 295 lbs. defensive tackle has higher expectations in mind.


"Everyone wants to be the best." He said. "You never want to lose, you never want to give up and I can see that in Nebraska. There was nothing like that place that I had ever seen and I have seen some great places with great fans."


"I've just never seen anything like this."


Already penciling himself in as a number two guy on the D-line for the Huskers, Jones is eager to think about what he could accomplish as a hopeful member of the "blackshirts". If there is one thing he does know, though, is that no matter how good NU does, it will never be good enough.


"Places like that aren't about wins, they are about titles." He said. "They have been down the last couple of years, big deal. That's not going to last. I am glad I am going to be part of them getting back up and a big part of them getting back up and back where they belong."


"I'm pretty pumped to be a Husker."


Lorenzo chose Nebraska over Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Arizona, Iowa State amongst a large list of others

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