Did NU visit change Jackson's mind?

The fact that he was a commit probably should have meant that any additional visits wouldn't take place. That's probably what Virginia would have wanted after all. It wasn't though, and for Rashawn Jackson, a visit he took thanks to the prodding of friend, Joe Dailey is one that has him now thinking. But, of what?

Straight out of Jersey, committed to Virginia, Nebraska probably shouldn't have been anywhere on the map of one Rashawn Jackson. Virginia, a school that is leading the country in commits, looks to have one of if not the best class in the country – why would anyone take a visit to see another school?


"Joe kept trying to get me down there." Rashawn said of his former teammate, Joe Dailey. "He kept saying I needed to take a look, so I figured I would check it out."


What Jackson thought he was going to check out wasn't what he ended up seeing. Much like most coastal-kids before they actually step foot on campus at Nebraska, their idea of what they are going to see and what they end up seeing are usually quite different. "It wasn't even close to what I thought I would see."


"I don't know, it wasn't like I was expecting corn all over, but it was just a lot different, a lot more to everything I saw."


Part of that had to do with the actual game he saw as the Huskers hosted the ‘Buffs. What he ended up seeing despite the loss had as much of an impact as anything. "I learned they weren't quitters." He said. "They never let up no matter what and that's impressive."


"And you can tell from the way they are in the locker room that they believe in coach Callahan."


That belief, that feeling of being impressed, some would wonder if all that is even enough to sway Jackson if even a little as to his current commit to the Cavaliers. "Right now, I just don't know." Rashawn said. "I'm still committed to Virginia, but Nebraska definitely got me to thinking."


Thinking about possibly his place with the Huskers, that is. A place that probably couldn't hurt to have a running back that stands 6'2", but sports a gargantuan 250 plus pounds on his frame, but still manages to move at a reported 4.6/40 pace.


It doesn't take an Einstein to figure out what Rashawn thinks his strength is. "If you're in my way, you won't be very long." He said. "I can move though and I have speed. People look at my size and just think I am this big back type that can only go up the middle. That's a mistake if they think that."


It's a mistake that Virginia obviously didn't make as they recruited him for his versatility in the backfield and it's the same for Nebraska as they told him that when it comes to big backs, he's the kind they'd like to see.


As for any real decision, however, on whether or not Nebraska did indeed make an impression on him enough to change his mind, Rashawn said that he probably won't know that until the calendar says it's time for him to know. "Come signing day, I'll sign somewhere." He said. "Right now, I would say it's Virginia, but there's still awhile before that happens."


"I still consider myself a commit, but I guess anything can happen."

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