Nebraska back in the lead for La Fell?

At one point he had Nebraska as his leader. At one point, it even looked like he was a lock as a Husker to be. That point passed, Nebraska slipping, others rising to the top. That's what an official visit is for, however, if only to rekindle the reasons for a recruit as to what they liked about a team. Now, the question is, did Nebraska do that for Brandon La Fell?

Averaging almost 30 yards per catch, Brandon La Fell's name is one that has kept climbing steadily up any and all charts around the country. Amazing leaping ability, deceptive speed and a tenacity after he catches the ball. These are just a few of the reasons why La Fell has found himself coveted all over including places like Texas, Utah and Nebraska.


The Huskers actually had the edge with La Fell at one point, Brandon stating that Nebraska led and who was to say if he would commit on his official visit or not. Utah made a run in the interim, though, their high-caliber offense, Davey O'Brien candidate QB and ultra-high ranking all making the "Utes" a little too inviting to ignore.


This visit was a chance for the staff at Nebraska and the fans to try and bring Nebraska back to the forefront of the recruiting race for this lonestar state standout. And, to a degree they succeeded. "Nebraska definitely moved back up my list." Brandon said. "I went there to see if they would throw it a little more and just get to see everything myself."


Brandon was witness to the throwing aspect and then some as starting QB, Joe Dailey set a school record with 55 attempts. It was that and the receivers that made Brandon see himself even more at NU. "I know some of their receivers are good, but there are some, well, I think I could get in there right away." He said. "That offense just seems to fit what I do."


The offense wasn't the only thing La Fell found much comfort in as it was the stadium itself on game-day in Lincoln that Brandon thought was particularly exciting. "That stadium is wild." He said. "It was rolling during that game.."


"That tunnel walk was great."


In fact, there wasn't much that La Fell didn't consider "great" or at least meeting the expectations he had coming in. "Nebraska met about all my expectations." He said. "Everything I heard about it, they were all pretty much true."


One thing didn't quite hit the mark, however, but it was one where La Fell conceded that you could look at as either good or bad, depending on what your personality gravitated to. "There's not much to do there." He said. "I guess if you want to stay focused on just football, it's perfect, but there's just not much up there."


The excitement of "city-life" aside, La Fell saw enough to rank Nebraska a "9" on his official visit to Lincoln. Not enough though to commit before he departed. "The coaches wanted me to." Brandon said. "But, I wasn't having it. I wanted to sit down, take all my visits and then decide."


Those visits will be to the aforementioned Utes, Texas and Colorado. As for a timeframe on his decision, that is something he doesn't know as of yet. "If I see it, I'll know." He said. "Maybe Nebraska was it, but I have to look at everyone before I know which place suits me best."


"After all that, I'll make my decision."

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