Cody Glenn, would have committed to NU if.......

Cody Glenn didn't know much about Nebraska before he made the visit this weekend. Well, he knew what most told him and that led him to believe that he might actually have to shuck his way through the waving fields of corn just to get into the stadium. Of course, it wasn't like that, but many things weren't quite what he expected. So much so, Glenn said that he would have committed to Nebraska this weekend if not for one simple thing.

At almost six foot tall and weighing close to 225 lbs., Cody Glenn is one of the top 50 running backs in the country. If you think that's not that good, consider the fact that there are thousands of running backs that are looking up the rankings at him.


His obvious value aside though, the Rusk high school standout (Rusk, Texas) takes his approx. 1,700 yards this year, over 2,000 yards last year and total of almost 60 touchdowns over the last two years, says little and goes merrily about his way.


That way led him to Nebraska this last weekend to officially visit the Huskers as they hosted Colorado in the season finale'. This was a visit that Glenn had scheduled late due to a later than normal offer by NU.


With that visit now in the rearview mirror, Glenn talked about the experience and what he thinks about Nebraska now versus prior to making the trip. "It was great." He said. "The fans, the atmosphere, that walk-thing they do and the players, I really saw a lot of stuff I didn't expect."


The lack of cornfields on the fifty yard-line aside, what took Glenn back the most wasn't just the fans, but what they were doing throughout the game. "They were yelling my name up there." He said. "I'm not sure how they knew who I was, but they were just yelling at me, telling me Nebraska was the place to be and all that. It was crazy."


Those pleas from the Husker faithful almost were rewarded as Glenn said he was very close to committing. In fact, Glenn said he would have committed if not for one simple thing. "It's just not real close to home." Cody said. "I mean, I am looking at Texas A&M and if Nebraska was located where they are, I would have committed right there."


The distance is an issue, but not much as you might assume is a result of family pressure. For Glenn, at least right now, it's just a personal  preference in the end. "My family would like me to stay close, but they want me to go wherever I am comfortable and it could still be Nebraska."


The visits that remain are to the aforementioned Aggies as well as Oklahoma State, both visits yet to be scheduled for Glenn.


Cody said that he wanted to get those out of the way, his hope being that he would have a decision before Christmas came and went.


He won't rush it, however, because while he's got a fairly narrow list, he's looking at making sure, before making that ultimate plunge. And, as he said, Nebraska is most definitely in the mix. "That trip was everything I could have asked for." He said. "The fans, the coaches, the players, the tradition, there wasn't a downside to the whole trip."


"Maybe after my other visits, I'll see that the depth they have at running back which suits me better than Texas A&M or OSU, is the big factor that makes them the leader. I don't know yet, I'll just have to see how it goes."


"Nebraska was definitely a great trip though."


Along with the aforementioned trio, Glenn has offers from BYU, Arizona, Tennessee and Baylor amongst others. 

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