He didn't commit............yet?

There's little more Steve Octavien wanted to see. In fact, it's just what he wanted to see. The atmosphere, the crowd, the coaches, all right there just as he hoped and in some cases, beyond. All that emotion, however, and Octavien still didn't pull the trigger. The question is now, when will he and will it be for NU?

"I loved it." Harper College linebacker, Steven Octavien said of his official trip to Nebraska. "It was just an unbelievable experience. I had high hopes, but it hit all of them and more."


That's the kind of impression Nebraska wanted to make with the junior college linebacker. A strong enough impression that if that did pan out like hoped, he would leave the campus of UNL a future Husker instead a probable one.


To that end, Steven didn't, but said that the reasons for him had nothing to do with what Nebraska didn't have, but what HE didn't want right now. "I just wasn't ready." He said. "Nebraska is a great place and it could easily be the place for me, but you just don't want to pull the trigger right there with all that emotion kicking in."


"It's better to sit back a couple of days, think about it and look at the other options."


The two most prominent options for Octavien are Kansas and Iowa, two teams that he's still slated to visit. Steven did say that while's he's considering those visits strongly, he's not certain he'll take them in the end. "What I saw at Nebraska was what I wanted." He said. "I fit in there, I like the plan they had for me as an outside linebacker and everything just felt right."


"Just because I didn't commit right there doesn't mean I am not going there. It's just a great place to be."


It's a place the Huskers certainly want him to be, Octavien one of the potentially better outside linebacker prospects in the country coming out of the junior college ranks.


If you want just the skinny on what his strength as an outside linebacker is, think of a 6'2" 230 pound athlete that ran the anchor leg for his 4 X 100 national title winning team.


And now, put pads on him.


You can imagine that when something like that gets going, there's one place you don't want to be……..in his way, with the ball.


"That's the dream-hit." Octavien said of getting a full run at a ball carrier in the open-field. "You just see it happening, build up that speed and when you get it to him, you don't even feel it, but you know he does, you can hear the crowd and that guy isn't getting up real fast."


"That's the best for defensive guys. There's nothing like it at all."


For you Husker fans when you look at that speed and look at the position he's projected to play, dare I say……….oh, you know who.


Nope, I won't say it, well at least until Steven decides that he will officially be a Husker and then I may throw it around. Perhaps will to as well.


That will perhaps come soon or possibly a little later on, maybe before the end of the year, possibly at the beginning of the next.


If it is to be Nebraska, though, you don't have to ask about Steven where Nebraska is right now, because he doesn't look at them where they're at, he looks at them where they are going to be. "Going from high school to junior college, I know what a big change like that is like." He said. "A different set of coaches, different schemes, just so much to get used to."


"That takes time and it's an adjustment that I will have to make no matter where I go. It's just that the entire defense for Nebraska is going through that right now. It's not easy, especially when you are doing it over and over again."


"They'll be back on top. I don't have any doubts about that."


And perhaps, Octavien will be there with them.


Stay tuned to see.

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