Harris re-schedules Nebraska official

The season has come to an end for Nic Harris. Another season and the culprit it seems is special teams play. Harris is within two weeks of wrapping up all of his official visit traveling and then making a decision.

Christmas will be bright for one team this year. Nic Harris is planning on making his decision after taking his last two officials over the next two weekends. His season ended this past weekend, but as usual he was a force on the field.

"Yeah, we lost in the second round. Special teams was the story of that game. We lost 48-40. Yeah, I tore it up again though, I really did. I had four catches for 112 yards, 12 tackles, and two touchdowns," Harris said.

Harris had a scheduled official visit date for Nebraska for Thanksgiving weekend. However, he made it known a long time in advance that if he was playing that he wouldn't take the visit.

"No, I didn't take an official to Nebraska this last weekend. I was supposed to leave on Thursday, but I rescheduled the visit to December 10."

This will be the third planned weekend that Harris has scheduled a visit for Nebraska. He has ultimately had to reschedule visits due to his season. Now that his season is over his recruiting is getting his attention. He plans on taking his last two official visits during the first two weekends in December.

"This coming weekend I am taking my official visit to LSU (12/3). That is my fourth official that I have taken. Nebraska is my fifth and after Nebraska I am going to make my decision. I'll make it before Christmas."

While many who have been invited to San Antonio for the U.S. Army All-American game seem to want to hold out their announcement of a team for a nationally televised audience, Harris is planning on getting it out before the game.

"Yeah, I was invited for the U.S. Army All-American game in San Antonio. I am not going to wait to make my decision there."

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