Looking no more. Another future Husker!

It might seem anti-climactic to some, but not for Nebraska's latest commit. He was close to committing on his official visit to Nebraska when NU faced the ‘Buffs, but there were still some questions he had to answer in his own mind. Those are answered now and emphatically, this recruit says that he's a Husker to be.

One of the focuses for the Nebraska staff was on finding a big back type. A running back that had the frame to pound it at you early, often and with great success.

They got that in Rusk high school standout, Cody Glenn.

Standing at 6'0", weighing in at almost 230 lbs., Glenn is the kind of body that dares you to tackle him from the front. That's been tried this year, but Cody's 1,800 plus yards on the ground and almost 30 touchdowns would say that the opponent hasn't met with a lot of success.

"I like to be physical." Glenn said. "I like hitting that hole hard and fast and if I can get in the open-field and square up, you aren't going to get me down real easy."

What was easy for Glenn is making the decision he just cemented not even an hour ago as he called up the staff at NU. For a moment, debating on whether to give Oklahoma State a chance to convince him to go there, he opted to just go with his gut instead. "Coach Jordan (Randy) is just such a nice man." Glenn said. "He's a family person, a good coach and all the coaches I have talked to up there I get along with real well."

The personable aspect is always important, but for Glenn, he said that there was one other thing that really put Nebraska over the top. "That offense is what I want to play in." he said. "It's a pro-style, like what they run in the NFL and I want to see how I do in it."

Nebraska fans will have almost an overload of getting to know running backs, Glenn the third running back in this class joining Marlon Lucky from California and Leon Jackson from Washington. Glenn doesn't worry about the competition though, because it's not about what they do, it's about what he does so well. "I like what I bring to a team." Cody said. "I am real physical, I have a good burst and it's just hard to tackle me with one guy."

"I think that gives me a good shot to get in there and play."

The Nebraska coaches have told him as much, Glenn saying that they saw him even his freshman year as a back that could give them 15 or so carries a game. For Glenn though, he's shooting for the sky. "Whatever I can get, that's what I want." He said. "I'm like any running back, I like the ball in my hands. I can catch it out of the bacikfield, run in or outside of the tackles, so I think I have a lot to offer."

Glenn knows that his off-season will be one where he's going to have to slim down some, bulk up some and be ready for when he hits the field come Summer. And, with a back his size, hitting it is probably just what he'll do.

"I'm physical, but fast." He said. "I bring that, but that's not all I can do. I am just excited to see how much I can do at Nebraska."

Glenn said that he is not taking anymore visits and is one hundred percent Husker.

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