The impending pledge to NU?

The clock is ticking and at any one point as the hands revolve around their center, someone is supposed to commit to NU. That's not to say that at any one point just any recruit will, rather a specific recruit, someone most everyone expects to be wearing red early next year. Now, everyone waits and wonders if it will indeed happen, because nobody knows for sure.

He was expected to commit on his visit. Well, at the very least soon after. After the visit though, Harper College linebacker, Steven Octavien didn't pull the trigger.

He still had a couple of things to do.

"My parents want me to be sure." Octavien said. "They care about where I go and want me to know for sure that, that is the place for me."

To that end, Octavien resisted the temptation he felt to commit while at Nebraska even though as he looks back on it, it still looks like the place to be. "There was nothing wrong with any of the visit." He said. "You kind of hope you get that feeling from a school, like that is the place for you."

"I got that at Nebraska."

Again though, Octavien resisted and will take at least one more visit before he's made any decision that's concrete. "I am going to Kansas this weekend." Steven said. "I know I will make that trip, but I don't know about any others. Right now, I'm just trying to compare."

What Octavien is comparing is a myriad of things, but one thing that points back to Nebraska as something he particularly liked was the depth chart or in the case of NU, the lack of a full one at his position. "You look at teams like USC, Florida State or places like that, they are five-deep at every position." Octavien said. "I'm not afraid of competition, but you don't know if just your ability is going to get you ahead of all those guys."

"You look at Nebraska and I could see where I had a solid shot of getting out there right away. That is a big advantage for them."

There is one visit yet that Octavien wasn't sure he was taking and for Husker fans, it is probably the one they fear the most. While Kansas is a solid school, their success doesn't equal that of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

If there is one team that is considered a place that could convince Octavien to go someplace else, it's them, thus the hope from Husker fans that he won't even go.

Octavien is still throwing that one around.

"I know I am going to Kansas, but right now, that's all I know." He said. "I would like to take all of my five official visits just to see what things are like other places, but I don't know I want to let this go that long."

"After the Kansas visit, I'll sit down, think about what I want to do and go from there."

And, the likelihood that he'll end up heading back to Nebraska as he previously thought or even hoped? Octavien replied simply, "I don't know, but I know that they are the team to beat."

Stay tuned as we will catch up with Steven after his visit and see what happens next.

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