Nebraska vists Reggie Smith

Reggie Smith continues to be regarded as one of the premiere defensive backs in the country if not one of the premiere recruits, period. He's starting to narrow things down and get an idea of where he can see himself at the collegiate level. After taking one official visit to Southern Cal, what did he think of the visit? Where do other colleges such as Nebraska stand with the five-star athlete?

Reggie Smith: one name says a lot when it comes to this young man.  Coach John Blake and the University of Nebraska have been fighting hard for Reggie's services as a collegiate athlete so the question doesn't really become "Has Nebraska contacted Smith?" but rather when?  "Matter of fact they flew in yesterday (Coach Blake and Coach Callahan).  It was nice, we just talked about what position I'd play and how they'd take care of me.  It was nice, they seem like they're really good guys, Coach Blake is always cracking jokes.  Coach Callahan seems sincere, he told me about his son and how this process goes," said Smith.


Reggie's view on Nebraska's season is actually pretty in line with what current Nebraska commitments are saying: NU had a down year, but they'll be back.  "I mean, it was good season but it reveals nothing. There was change in offense, change in defense, they're not going to be as good as they should be, but I think they'll be on the rise," he said.  Right now, Smith says that Nebraska, USC, Oklahoma and Texas A&M all are in the running for his pledge.  Reggie said that he's doesn't want to wait until signing day to choose a school, however.  "I don't want to wait until the last second, but that one week leading up to that U.S. Army game I'll know by then and have a pretty good idea," said Smith.  Reggie doesn't plan to pull out a hat if it comes to that, but he'll make his choice known.


Reggie's taken a couple visits now, so which one stacks up as his favorite?  "Well, I'd have to say USC.  You know, you get up there and it's California, lot of stuff to do. I got to eat a whole bunch of food, so good times but that's just my first visit that's the only reason I say that."  Reggie did say that he's looking to take an official visit to Lincoln, though.  "We might try to get there the 10th.  I really want to take a close look and see if I feel right there," said Smith. 

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