Callahan Visits Dillard

Phillip Dillard is regarded as one of the finest prospects in Oklahoma and one of the premiere linebacker prospects in the country. A Nebraska commit for a while now, he was visited recently by Nebraska head coach Bill Callahan and defensive line coach John Blake. How did he like the visit and did it help to reaffirm his commitment to Nebraska?

Phillip Dillard is a firm member of the University of Nebraska's 2004 recruiting class and that doesn't look to be changing in the near future.  Just to be sure, however, Head Coach Bill Callahan and Coach John Blake visited Phillip in his home to chat one on one with the four-star prospect.  The visit got rave reviews from Dillard himself.  "It was good, it went really well. We just talked about how much the program is changing and how next year will be great.  We just need, like, a left tackle and a few others and we'll be set.  (We talked about) how I could come in next year as a freshman and set the tone," said Dillard. 


Dillard picked up some interesting impressions about Coach Callahan.  "He's really cool, really nice guy, you can tell he's really honest and that he really cares about his athletes and that he's going to be loyal and he's a very patient guy."  Coach Callahan wasn't the only member of the Nebraska coaching staff who was praised by Dillard.  "Coach Blake is great, you can tell how much love he has especially.  Brandon Teamer said how much love he shows towards them and how good of a coach he is," said Dillard. 


Phillip was impressed with how Nebraska didn't just accept his commitment and then move on without another word to him.  "It was really cool how I committed and they came down and showed commitment to me," he said.  Dillard feels that it solidified his feelings about Nebraska even more so.  Will Nebraska be visiting Phillip again?  "If they come back to Oklahoma, probably but I'm already 100% Nebraska," he said. 


Dillard has been taking time out of his busy schedule to follow his future team and has a positive outlook on the Cornhuskers' future.  "They did good with running the ball.  They just go straight to the West Coast Offense with run-blocking receivers and a run-blocking line and they still won five games.  They still showed that here in the future, within a year or two, they're going to be back to winning national championships and having nothing but winning seasons," said Dillard.  He also make sure to keep in contact with fellow Nebraska commitment Craig Roark.  "I talked to him yesterday, we just talked about how much fun we're gonna have when we get there.  He was telling me to play good in the state game since he'll be here to watch."  Dillard's Jenks team plays Union for the state championship in Phillip's final game.

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