Picou still solid for NU?

Rodney Picou has been a Nebraska commitment since early August, but there has been a lot of talk about what would happen if a USC offer came into play. Recently, Rodney took his official visit to the University of Nebraska, so what did he think of his time spent in Lincoln? Does USC stand a chance if they do, in fact, come calling?

Rodney Picou is a prospect known as being large and versatile, something that Nebraska sorely needs on its depleted offensive line.  There has been some talk, however, about the firmness of Rodney's commit to Nebraska.  Some have predicted that if USC were to come in and give Picou an offer to play for them that he would accept in a heartbeat.  Rodney's views on his NU commit are a little different, however.  "It's solid, no matter what I'm going there," said Picou.


Picou recently found himself taking in the Nebraska-Colorado game on November 26th where he hobnobbed with a few other eventual Cornhusker commits along with a very old one from the opposite end of the country.  Overall, Picou came away happy with the experience.  "It was great, me and my dad had a good time.  We just hung out in the hotel, ate dinner with some of the players and hung out.  Bernard Thomas and Fabian and all them, plus the recruits that were there," he said.  Rodney said that he didn't just enjoy the atmosphere surrounding Lincoln, but the service wasn't too shabby, either.  "(I was impressed with) how they treated me.  It was good, like at the game, the fans treated me good.  I liked the tunnel walk, too.  That was the best part," he said.


Back on the topic of the solidity of Rodney's commit, we asked if he was interested in taking any other visits before signing his letter of intent in February.  "I don't think so, I'm not planning on taking anymore trips.  Just playing basketball, that's part of conditioning and I lift weights on my own," said Picou.  So, if Rodney had an offer from USC and Nebraska, all things being equal, he could select whichever school he wanted to attend, which would be the victor?  "Nebraska, I just enjoy Nebraska more, it was just overall better," he said.

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