Nebraska: In-house with Top 10 OL, Chris Scott

The in-house visits for colleges serve many purposes. The two most prominent, though, are keeping the guys you have and trying to get the guys you don't. That personal-up-close opportunities are the perfect time for your school's best recruiters to see what they can do to make sure either scenario is a success. Well, Nebraska did that last night as John Blake visited top 10 offensive lineman, Chris Scott. So, how did it go?

The unofficial visits, the evaluations, the official visits and telephone calls. The recruiting process for any player is going to have an itinerary that is daunting for most.

If you are one of the top ten players at your position in the country, however, take all of that and multiply it by, say 20 or even more.

That's what Lovejoy, Georgia's Chris Scott has had to deal with, but early on Scott did things the smart way.

We tried to get his list down as far as possible.

And, he did that, five teams remaining, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, LSU and Nebraska all vying for the services of one of the best offensive linemen in the country.

Last night it was Nebraska's turn to make their argument when they visited Scott in his home.

Enter John Blake.

"He's such a warm and sincere man." Scott said. "He's a real person with you. He comes here, he talks about football, but he talks about life and we just have a nice conversation."

"It's not like he's there trying to sell you something. He's just coming by to talk."

Obviously, Nebraska isn't in the neighborhood necessarily, at least not as much as any of the aforementioned teams. That hasn't swayed Scott from thinking about Nebraska like all of the rest, NU the only team not in the SEC. "The conference doesn't matter to me." Chris said. "I've learned about football in the big twelve and it's great football just like they have down here. It doesn't matter to me about any of that stuff, conference, location, weather or whatever."

What does matter for Scott is that feeling he gets from a school. It matters so much, that along with the officials he's taken and has scheduled, he's taken unofficial visits as well.

Speaking of his unofficial to Nebraska, Scott stated that the first feeling he got was what his parents probably wouldn't mind in any school that Scott would ultimately choose.

It was like a family.

"The coaches, their families, the whole attitude up there is like you get in your home." Scott said. "They are all real close, everyone is real family oriented and you just feel like everyone really cares about everyone else."

That's part of what he's looking for, but for one of the top prospects in the country, there are many parts to his own personal investigation. The visit from Nebraska reaffirmed another part of that, seeing who out of his top five is the most interested. "Well, if they visit or come all this way, they must be interested." Scott said. "I mean, I'm not going to go someplace that isn't going to recruit me."

That's probably not the last visit Scott will see from the Huskers as head coach, Bill Callahan has yet to visit, but will probably make it to his house sometime soon.

Scott might beat him to the punch, though, as Scott will be visiting Nebraska on Dec. 10th. That will mark the fourth official he will have taken, Tennessee and Georgia already in the books and LSU to come this weekend. The visits will be finished off with a trip to see the Gators in the first week of January.

So, with all this input still being input, can Scott possibly have a feel for who, what, when, where and why? "I don't even think about leaders right now, because I haven't experienced everything I want to experience." He said. "I want to visit them all, talk to all the coaches, probably a few more times and then I'll decide what I want to do."

While many of the prep's finest will be announcing their decision on Jan. 15th at the U.S. Army All-American Bowl, Scott said that while he will indeed be there, he's not going to follow that same line.

He's waiting to do it in his time, when it feels right to him and honestly, he's not looking for a big show. "If it feels right, it feels right." He said. "When that happens, I'll just call the school up I am committing to and that will be that."

Scott did say that he plans on making sure by trying to schedule his decision late into January, but reiterated that when it comes, it will simply come.

As for his up-coming visit to Nebraska, Scott is eager to take it, because now there won't be the distraction of the game and he'll be on an official. It's this time where Scott will find himself replaced with a little Sherlock Holmes, looking to see whatever he can see. "The more you know, the better decision you will make." Scott said. "That's what these visits are for. So, I know exactly where I want to be."

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