JUCO offer doesn't faze Beck

"The deal" as it has been called by some had raised some eyebrows from a few. How could Nebraska put themselves in such a position that they would agree to take one player if he was the only player taken at that position. A deal is a deal though and if both parties are honorable, those deals seldom change. Well, here's one that did and for Harrison Beck, it was his decision to make.

When Harrison Beck committed, it was with the one clear promise between both he and the University of Nebraska that he was to be the only one.

Ala "The Highlander", Beck's commit would stay just that if Nebraska pursued no other QBs.

To that end Nebraska has done exactly what they said and amidst all the rumors around Spurrier and now Meyer, Beck has stayed the course as well. "We made a deal." Beck said. "If a coach wants to see how solid my commit it, I just say "I gave them my word" and that's it."

The finality of that deal had most wondering just what Nebraska was thinking, especially after a season that didn't feature the best of what NU had at the position. Sophomore, Joe Dailey was amongst the leaders in the country, but not in touchdowns, rather interceptions.

With junior college transfer, Jordan Adams still on the mend, Freshman, Beau Davis still trying to gain weight and the status of every other QB up in the air, Beck wasn't just hoped to be the guy, it was almost mandatory that he vie right away for a starting spot.

That's a lot to put on a kid that hasn't even arrived.

"When Nebraska talked to me about offering this quarterback (Zac Taylor), I wasn't real happy about it, but after they explained everything in detail, I started to understand where they were coming from." Beck said. "They just didn't want me to come in there thinking that if I can't do it, the team isn't going to succeed."

While Beck himself didn't say it, the struggles at the QB position last year were fairly obvious to see. And, with so many uncertainties to the rest of the group, you'd be hard-pressed to hack on NU for hedging their bets if they could.

To that end, they did reportedly extend an offer to Butler County's Zac Taylor, the "Jayhawk League" offensive player of the year and the second rated passer in the entire NJCAA.

For a young man that wasn't thrilled when hearing about the thought that NU might offer Creighton Prep's Dan Gorski, this seemed to be a major infringement on "the deal".

Beck disagreed.

"I know people are going to look at that deal and think that it's because I didn't want the competition." He said. "I'm not afraid of competition. Bring them all on, I don't care. What impressed me about Nebraska was that they would even make that kind of deal and so I said ‘ok, you've got yourself a deal'."

"There's competition everywhere and I don't care of this guy is a junior college superman coming in, I'm not coming to Nebraska thinking that I am going to be riding the bench my first year."

"No matter what, I am trying to start."

Beck looks at the possible addition of this more experienced QB basically as what it is. It's adding a player that might have a little more experience at a little higher level, thus if Beck himself doesn't start right away, there's another guy with experience in this kind of system.

It's a safety valve and even someone as confident as Beck will admit that there are no guarantees on what is going to happen after he arrives. "Hey, stuff happens." Beck said. "Nebraska was in a position this last year where it looked like they had one QB ready to go. I know they don't want to be in that position and I know that if I go down for whatever reason or maybe I just don't get the offense my first year, I don't want them to be in that position either."

"They've got guys there and they'll have more experience next season, but if the staff is worried they'll be in the same position as they were last year, I can see why they would go after another."

Regardless of the situation, Beck's resolve is obviously still very clear. He's a competitor, a warrior even out there on the field and as he said, you can throw whoever you want at that position, it's himself that plans on coming out on top.

That's not arrogant either as I have come to know Harrison as someone that is actually modest.

He just hates to lose.

"The second I get there, I am fighting my butt off to play." He said. "That's all I know, that's what I am and that's what I plan to do."

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