Huskers need to impress JC WR next weekend

It's pretty clear when talking to him that he likes a particular team. Moreso, he likes a particular area and staying in that area. Can Nebraska lure him to the Midwest and what will they need to do to get him there?

B.J. Vickers is a very popular man right now. Although he took the weekend "off" from taking visits, the past two weekends he was on a visit and will be again this next weekend.

"I didn't take one this weekend, but I have been to Arizona and Cal," Vickers said. "I went to Arizona last weekend and two weeks ago I went to Cal."

"I enjoyed myself at Cal. It has a lot to offer. I was really impressed with the school. I guess it might be true that they lead. I like the school. I am still going to take my trips though and make sure."

This past weekend Vickers was in Arizona to see a very good game between the in-state schools. "Stoops is going to turn that program around. It was a big win. They really did need that win. All he needs to do is get some good recruiting classes and he might be able to do some damage."

This coming weekend, Vickers will travel to Nebraska for an official. "I'm going there kind of clueless, I mean, I am only going there based on what the coaches have told me. Once I get there I'll be able to evaluate the professors, counselors because I plan on getting my degree."

Vickers will receive his associate's degree this December in Liberal Arts. He is planning on receiving his bachelor's in business to be a real estate developer one day.

Vickers isn't shutting the doors on any other schools. It is possible that he may take another official or two to come to a decision.

"I'm not sure. UCLA has been calling. They should be receiving my transcript this week and I might make a quick trip down there. Florida State has been calling. I don't think that I will set up a trip there."

Vickers is able to sign and transfer this December, but one thing has come up that may have him thinking past LOI day in December.

"Well, I don't know if the coach from Cal will be there for sure. He hasn't signed a new contract yet. I don't want to sign there, have him leave and be stuck with a coach that I don't like."

Given the question, is Vickers leaning pretty hard to California right now? "Yeah, kind of."

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