Could Zac Taylor be QB #2 for NU?

The hub-bub around quarterback, Zac Taylor has decidedly taken an interesting turn. While the recruiting has been good with teams like Marshall, Memphis and Troy, the entrance of the Huskers obviously makes for some added and possibly desired drama. Taylor has been thinking of them, but first it was off to Memphis, because there's little doubt that MU would try to have Taylor leave with only one team on his mind.

After the visit to Memphis, Butler County QB, Zac Taylor said of his experience, it was "ok". Not to mean that Memphis didn't do what they wanted or failed to impress, but having over 2 years of college experience now, Taylor isn't easily impressed.


Well, except for his most recent offer, one that didn't make Zac say ‘wow' so much as it had him saying ‘huh?'.


"It was pretty out of the blue." Taylor said of the offer from Nebraska. "It was like a couple of weeks ago, I got the offer and coach Callahan is coming to see me tomorrow afternoon. It's been pretty fast-paced."


One would almost be inclined to call it "frantic" over fast, Nebraska apparently seeing the need to add instant experience to the mix. With the below-average performance of starting QB, Joe Dailey, the continuing health concerns with the other junior college transfer, Jordan Adams and just the sheer uncertainty behind the rest of the scholarship QBs, well, perhaps the Huskers needed some insurance.


"Talking to coach Norvell and Blake, it just seems like they want to add a guy in there with some extra experience." Zac said. "So, I suppose that's why they are coming after me."


The tenure is nice to be sure, but it's doubtful that you can ignore that Taylor is also pretty prolific as Zac was  the "Jayhawk League" offensive player of the year, threw for 3,000 plus yards, scored almost 30 touchdowns and had a gaudy 65% completion rate.


Yeah, the kid's not bad even if he won't admit it himself. "I'm just playing." Taylor said. "I am part of a team, but those guys around me are the reason for any success I have had. Good receivers, good offensive line and we were ranked number one most of the year, so it's about everyone trying to make it happen."


That modesty comes from a lot of places, but for Taylor, it's more himself than anything. Zac will concede, however, that his experiences have helped that mind-set a bit. "Going from Oklahoma to Wake Forest to here, you learn a lot and you learn how much you don't know." He said. "You take this route to get to division 1-A and it's not hard to be humble."


That route will lead him to one of a few choices he has right now, Nebraska the most recent entrant into the mix. It's also the next school on his list, possibly the last one that might get a visit. It's a visit that Taylor is hoping goes well. "I know plenty about Nebraska from growing up in Oklahoma." He said. "The tradition, the rivalry with OU, I'm just real familiar with what's gone on there in their history."


"You kind of want to feel that when you get there. I'm obviously hoping to get a certain feel from the coaches and the players, but I want to know it's still Nebraska."


Yes, he wants to feel the tradition, but Zac also knows that there's a new tradition being set. One hopefully not indicative of this past year for the Big Red. Actually, Zac looks at the struggles for NU as one of the more inviting reasons for him. "They feel they need QBs and while I know that they have got some great ones there and a great one coming in, it could be an early chance to play."


"NU is recruiting me for that reason, though, so that's another reason why they are a pretty attractive school."


The "one" is Harrison Beck, of course, the Countryside standout already addressing Taylor's entrance into the mix. Like Beck, Taylor looks at the guys he'll be playing with as what you would see anywhere else. "It's competition." Zac said. "If you are afraid of competition, find a different sport. You can't be scared when you are on the field in a game, so you can't be scared of who you are going against to get there."


Zac is scheduled to arrive next weekend and most Husker fans would look at the other teams he's interested in and think that Nebraska has a legit shot. They do, Taylor will admit to that, but the one thing he's certain of is that there's nothing certain until he can see the place for yourself. "I know a lot about the place, but I just need to get a feel for everything there, especially the players. I have to be comfortable with the guys I am playing with."


Until the recruiting process is finished, there's usually nothing a player knows about where he's going to be. The same can be said for Taylor, but he did admit to a degree that of his visit to NU, he wasn't certain of his status when he left. A possible commitment? A potential decision when he gets back home to Oklahoma?


"There's a chance." Taylor said. "I've seen everyone else, so I know where they are coming from and we'll see what happens in Lincoln. I do know that I am going to go home in Norman, sit down with my parents and decide no matter how good the visit goes."


Zac is hoping the visit does go well though. "Oh, you always want to feel that you are going to get that feeling from a place." He said. "You want it to feel perfect. I obviously can't say if I am going to get that at Nebraska."


"I guess we'll see."

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