Aggies or Huskers for next weekend?

He's been the reluctant one when it comes to saying really anything that could be considered "committal". Very nonchalant with his words, careful as well as calm in his demeanor, figuring out anything Reggie Smith is going to do or even who he likes, well, it just isn't that easy. Well, Reggie did say something today when talking about his potential visits and while typically non-committal, this is what Smith said he would "probably" do in the future.

Reggie Smith is a great kid. Very calm, cool, quiet, something almost opposite to his jaw-dropping prowess on the playing-field.

He'll put you in silence with his ankle-busting bounds to the end zone and then speak almost as silently himself about the play, modestly referring to the feat as simply his job.

With recruiting, it's quite the opposite as Smith has almost consistently throughout the year been one of the few that after you hang up the phone, you aren't any nearer to knowing just what he's going to do as you were when you said ‘hello'.

As the recruiting season hits its stride, however, even Smith has found himself opening up, even if just a little about schools, the who, what, when, where and why.

One of the subjects is visits and just where he's taking them in the future. Smith said that he's sure of his visit to Oklahoma on the 17th of this month and has decided that he's "probably" going to visit Nebraska the weekend of the tenth.

The probably comes from simply not having anything concrete as yet for that trip to Lincoln, but between that and a jaunt over to College Station to see the Aggies, Smith said that Nebraska will probably get the nod. "I think I may just have to work that visit (Texas A&M) in somewhere, but I'm not sure about that right now."

Smith is getting ready and planning for visits, but after a well-deserved week off, he's getting ready for something else, an event he's highly anticipating. The U.S. Army All-American Bowl. It's the game where the best of the best face off and Smith couldn't be happier. "That's when you find out a lot about how good you are." Reggie said. "You just try to do your best and hope you don't screw up on national tv."

Smith expects to play safety for his squad, but admits that he might possibly be slated to play one of the corner spots as well. And, he was even pondering the fact that he might even go both ways.

It won't matter to him of course, but unlike many players that will be down there, there is one thing Smith is fairly certain he won't be doing – announcing his decision at the game.

Such has become a tradition of sorts since the time Chris Leak started it with him pulling out a Florida Gator helmet, announcing his decision and pleading with others across the country to follow him.

Reggie said that, that particular "show" just doesn't appeal to him. "No, I'm not really into all that." He said. "I'll just figure out where I am going and call the coaches. That's about all I have planned."

Everyone does want to know when that decision will come, of course. Nebraska fans, Oklahoma fans and any other fans that think they have a shot at the Santa Fe standout, they are all wondering, waiting, wishing that he'll be part of their team.

Well, according to Smith, after the U.S. Army game, they might not have much longer to wait to find out. "I think a week or so after that game, I will probably know what I am going to do." He said. "Nothing is certain, but I should have a good idea by then."

If by then he does have a decision, his personal saga will end. The recruiting, the phone calls, the visits all will finally come to an end. Typical to how he's been all year, however, Smith didn't look at any of his experiences as trying in the least. He's been having a lot of fun. "It's better than no attention at all." He said. "I'm just taking everything in stride."

Smith, of course, said he had no solid leaders right now and considers everyone as having a shot for him right now. "I have to make my decision sometime, but I don't know exactly when that is." He said.

"I guess when I know, everyone else will know to."

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