Barry Turner's recruiting starting to stir

No rest for the weary. That's what Barry Turner is going through as no sooner than football season ends, basketball season begins. It's just another thing to add to the mix as his football season may be done, but his recruiting definitely isn't. And now, he's probably adding to his recruiting itinerary this year.

Since his visit to Nebraska, the recruiting has been curiously still. No visits, no real solid comments about any other teams and basically Turner himself just dropping off the recruiting-coverage map.


Well, while it's not heating up as they say, Turner has finally albeit tentatively scheduled another visit to take. "I am checking out Tennessee the weekend of the 17th in January." He said. "Outside of that, I don't know about any for sure."


The actual scheduling of the visit might be disconcerting to Husker fans as there were more than a few that took Turner's silence as message enough that NU must surely be in the lead.


Like he's never said, Turner would again concede no leader, but said of his own recruiting that he's been planning a long haul for awhile. "If you want to get a feel for the schools that want you, you just don't commit right away." Turner said. "I'm just getting a feel for all the coaches recruiting me and we'll see who's the most interested out of them all."


The all is a bunch as Turner said he's been called by more than he can count. As for the in-home visits, however, only Tennessee has came calling thus far. Turner said that is going to change this coming week. "Nebraska is supposed to be coming on Wednesday." He said. "Outside of that, there's a lot of people talking, but I don't know anything for sure just yet."


With Nebraska still the only school that he's at least publicly shown any solid interest at all, that begs the question if the Huskers are still in the mix? "I can't see Nebraska not being there." He said. "But, it just comes down to recruiting right now. Who's calling the most, who's visiting and all that."


"I just want to know I am going someplace that really wants me."


Turner said that he has no plans to make any hurried decisions and with the Tennessee visit pending until past mid-January, that would seem to be the case. And, it could be much longer than that. "I don't plan on letting this thing ride out, but you never know." Barry said. "I guess I don't know when it's going to feel like I want it to feel."

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