Rands Eyes Long Jump Record; Life In Red

Robert Rands looks to step onto the FieldTurf at Nebraska's Memorial Stadium next fall, but after his senior season was ended at Bellevue East, what's in store for the multiple-sport athlete? Rands is looking to break records in the football off-season before he ever makes his way down to Lincoln, so what can we expect?

Robert Rands provides the 2004-2005 Cornhusker recruiting class with a pure athlete.  Gifted with a vertical leap that could launch him over most large buildings, Rands enters the football off-season approaching a second sport: Track.  Before Rands looks forward to what might become, we took some time to analyze what was in his senior football campaign.  "I think it was about the same as last year.  Won the same amount of games, overall we did pretty good," he said.


Rands felt that his own performances were also satisfactory.  "I think I did pretty well.  I had times where I didn't do too well, but overall I think I did pretty well and helped my team win and get to the playoffs."  R ands had approximately 1,100 yards rushing and 12 touchdowns.  Rands wasn't totally limited to offense, though.  "When I went in on D, I did something good. I got an interception and a knockdown," he said.


While Rands isn't currently in conditioning, he will be attending a facility that specializes in making athletes faster, stronger and overall better at what they do.  That begins in January, but for now, Robert turns his gaze towards track, another sport he looks to accomplish great things at while in Lincoln.  "I'm gonna go there as a long jumper for the most part and I'm pretty sure they'll throw me at other spots too," he said.  Rands is currently looking to break the state long jump record held by Gale Sayers.  Rands said he'd like to do it in-state, but if it happens out of the state of Nebraska, that'll be fine by him.


Once his focus shifts primarily to football once more, Rands looks to become even better than he is now.  Robert feels that his commitment to Nebraska is a solid decision, as well.  "I'm not going to change my decision, I decided and I feel it's a good choice for me," he said.  As for Nebraska's season, Rands thinks that Bill Callahan and company did well with what they were dealt.  "I think they did okay with the personnel they had with the new offense, right now they've got guys who were recruited to ruin the option but overall they did pretty good," he said.

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