Harris knows where Nebraska sits now

Turner Gill leaving Nebraska means many things to many people. For the most immediate concerns, however, some wonder just what it means to recruiting. With the south, more specifically Texas and Louisiana his recruiting ground, there's a lot of chances with Gill's loss that recruits could be lost as well. NU didn't have to wait long to see one player that had something to say about that.

He's visiting. Nope, he's not visiting. He's visiting. Nope, he's not visiting.


That's about how it's been for safety, Nic Harris as he's scheduled and rescheduled his visit to Nebraska , say, at least twice it would seem.


With the recent resignation of QB coach, Turner Gill, though, Nic knows just what his future plans with NU will be.


"They're basically off the list." Harris said. "Coach Gill was the biggest reason in why I was even thinking about visiting, so the fact that he's not there means I'm probably not going to make it."


It's not surprising that when a coach leaves basically in the middle of the recruiting process, some of those players he was recruiting might take a second look. Well, a second take, that is and for Harris, the one real attraction to Nebraska if only to get him to visit just isn't there anymore.


"We talked a lot." Harris said of his relationship with Gill. "He's a real nice man and really, he was the one coach from Nebraska I really got to know."


"Now that he's gone, there's really no point in trying to get to know someone else this late. Besides, I have another place I want to go."


That would be Miami and for his last visit, it looks like they are the school of choice. For even the ‘Canes, though, unseating the favorite, LSU Tigers will certainly be a chore.


Whoever it is, it won't be Nebraska , but for Harris, it's nothing personal, but his personal connection to NU is gone. "You don't want to just start getting to know coaches this late." He said. "So, I am just moving on."

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