Announcer says Leon is going to Washington

He's going to Nebraska. No, he's going to USC. He's not taking visits. He is taking visits. Ahh, the rumor-mill. If it wasn't for them, us recruiting guys would have nothing better to do than cover those recruits that actually haven't decided as of yet. But, thanks to the miracle of the internet, they are rampant indeed. Sometimes, though, sometimes they come from other places and people ask if this time it's legit. We found out.

I think Leon has seen it all since he made the pledge to Nebraska. Since that time, everyone seems to want to say that he's going someplace else.


Whether it's USC, Washington or Washington State, there's not enough rumors on the internet to go around saying that Leon Jackson will be going anywhere but to the land of the Big Red.


It's something though that when the rumors are so bad that even Leon himself is seeing them on TV.


"We didn't make it to the state title game unfortunately." Leon said. "So, I was watching it and the announcers were talking about me, saying that I was heading to "U-Dub"."


"I was like, ‘huh?'."


Leon was surprised, but in hindsight, it's just another log on the pile of rumors that has seemingly reached monolithic-type proportions, but ever the level-headed one, Jackson said that it's nothing that gets to him. "I don't worry about that stuff." He said. "By now, I think I've heard them all, so I guess one more isn't going to bother me."


For the record, Leon did say that he wasn't going to Washington, he wasn't de-committing and heading to Washington State and he wasn't visiting anyone for the purpose of checking out anymore schools.


For the umpteenth time, he's a Husker.


As for the rumors and the fact that this will probably not be the last one that arises, Jackson just gives a nonchalant laugh, saying that it will be just another one he will say is wrong.


Just for the information-crazies, Leon finished the year with an obscene 13.8 yards per carry, running for almost 1,800 yards and scoring 25 touchdowns.

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