Octavien down to a visit, favoring one

Sometimes recruits rate entire visits. The way Steve Octavien is breaking it down is a lot more in-depth. In the end though, the thought going into the decision will be well thought out and will not allow him to make a hasty decision.

The word was that Steve Octavien was going to go to Kansas this past weekend off of a visit of Nebraska. The JUCO linebacker is a very hot item and only has one official visit left before he makes his decision.

"No actually I didn't go to Kansas. I went to North Carolina. It went excellent. Really good," Octavien said.

The raves didn't stand around just one thing at Chapel Hill. "Everything stood out. Besides their facilities their coaching staff is really nice. Getting a degree from their business school would be very, very good."

"North Carolina was top notch. Their coaching staff was great. Comparing it to Nebraska? They're all unique in their own little ways."

One thing that Octavien had researched going into the North Carolina visit was the difference in recruiting classes thus far. That definitely stands out to Octavien.

"If there had to be anything different it would be how each school was recruiting. Nebraska has the best class in the nation a lot of blue-chips. At North Carolina they are recruiting a lot of kids that aren't the best in the nation. Some are three-stars and four-stars. It's probably an above average class while Nebraska is a top-notch class."

Although Iowa did not get a visit from Octavien this past week, they will this week. "I have one more visit this week. I have a visit to Iowa this weekend. I am leaving Friday."

Octavien is being very particular about the visits and is looking at key elements of the school and the program. In the end, this will help him remember what a school actually had to offer and how it rated against another school.

"I'm going to commit on that Monday. It's real tight between Nebraska and North Carolina. I have a point system that goes over everything like recruiting class, facilities, and a lot of stuff. It is a point system 1-5 and you grade them that way. Right now, someone in that system is leading by seven points. It's real close."

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