Bill Callahan: In-House with QB, Zac Taylor

Having visited with Jay Norvell, he was intrigued. A QB that grew up knowing Nebraska as the run-oriented-smashmouth titan, Zac Taylor probably never thought he would be talking to an NU QB coach like this. It was interesting enough that he decided to visit, but Zac wasn't going to make it until another coach came calling. That was yesterday when head coach, Bill Callahan stopped by to say ‘hi'.

As a fan of the Huskers, when you get to see a coach at work and have seen him do interview after interview and have watched his weekend show after games, you think you know him.

You've seen and heard so much about the man that head coaches at Nebraska that have had any decent tenure almost seem like members of the family.

One might find it ironic then, that after all the shows, interviews and games from this last season, a junior college QB that met him for the very first time yesterday says of the briefly-tenured coach, almost exactly the same thing. "He's a really nice man." Zac said. "He's personable, easy to talk to and really knowledgeable about the game."

That kind of knowledge would seem obvious considering Callahan's experience, but it wasn't so much what Callahan knew that impressed Taylor, but how he explained it to him. "He just knows what he's talking about." Zac said. "He's real organized, very smart and he explains exactly what he wants very easily."

"I was pretty impressed."

Impressed, yes, but Zac's been down that road before. Lots of coaches, lots of slogans and when it comes to the savvy, smart and salesmen like individuals, he's just about seen it all. So much so, that one of the compliments that Taylor imparted upon NU's head man was that he was a "good recruiter".

Ok, but good enough?

Callahan didn't head down to Dodge City on a sight-seeing trip. He was there for one specific reason- telling Zac what they had, what they needed and why he would be a solid addition to the team. And, how NU having 6 other scholarship QBs shouldn't be a deterrent.

"Coach Callahan just said that they had some good quarterbacks, but he wanted me there to come in, shake things up a bit and try for a starting spot." Taylor said. "I'm not being recruited to do something that nobody there can't, but maybe they think I can push some of these guys and possibly get the spot for myself."

As the conversation lingered on between the head coach and Taylor, another indentifiable trait to the former NFL coach came through. One trait that made Taylor even more excited than he already was about the impending visit to NU this weekend.


Pure and simple, passion. Something you can't fake all that easily. Yeah, you can sound enthused about something and you can even get others enthused with you, but passion is just that. That's just plain hard to fake. "You could see it in the way he talked about the game." Zac said. "He was really passionate when talking about the game, what they want to do and the future."

"It got me pretty excited just listening to it."

Excited enough that Taylor admitted to being even more interested in NU than before. Interested enough that an excitement he was already feeling was coupled with a genuine anxiousness for the trip to Lincoln to arrive.

Regardless of how he felt, however, even if he sees everything he wants, feels everything he desires to feel, Taylor is resolute that his commitment anywhere won't come until he head to Oklahoma. Only when he's at home in Norman then will he finally decide.

"I made a promise to my mom that no matter what, we would make this decision together." Taylor said. "So, if this happens to be the place for me, I won't go public with anything until after I have gotten home, we've talked about it and I know that I am sure."

As for that "chance" Taylor talked about in the possibility that if only in principle he could leave Nebraska as a Husker, I had to ask that question again after Bill Callahan had stopped by.

Had that chance for NU grown.

Taylor replied simply, "You could say that."

Stay tuned as we will bring you the news if that chance turns into the real deal after Taylor's visit to Nebraska

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