David Harvey ready for visit to Lincoln.

In catching up with Nebraska's commitments, we turn our attention to David Harvey, a tight end prospect out of Pomfret, Maryland. David comments on his senior season, Nebraska's fortunes and even about when he plans to come and visit the Cornhusker state. Plus, which Nebraska coach has been keeping in contact with Harvey?

One of Nebraska's first four commitments, David Harvey may not have the "hype" of some of NU's other commitments, but he has the heart and the head on his shoulders to be a star just the same.  After committing to Nebraska in July, it was all about his senior season, so how did it turn out?  "We ended up 8-3, lost in the first round.  I think I did pretty good, helped the team out a lot, filled in where they were missing last year.  I think as a player I got a lot better, it made me better mentally and made me stronger," he said.


With all of the talk of decommits, we didn't want David to feel like he was being left out, so we asked just how firm his commitment to the Cornhuskers was.  "It's solid.  Nebraska, I'll be there next fall," he said.  David had the opportunity to catch a few of Nebraska's games and while things weren't as rosy as many would've liked, he did see some things in the offensive system that he liked when it was clicking.  "Yeah, it looked pretty fun and looked like they were having a good time," he said.  Overall, Harvey thinks Nebraska did about as well as he expected.  "I think they did pretty good, they worked with what they had and I think they did okay," said Harvey.


Nebraska's Phil Elmassian has been keeping in close contact with Harvey in the meantime.  "I talked to him today.  I'm going on my visit this weekend, so we talked about that and how my season went," he said.  Coach Elmassian was actually in the Harvey household today chatting with the family.  As far as what David wants to accomplish in the off-season, he just wants to become a better athlete.  "I want to get a lot stronger, get faster, and get my hands where they need to be for the college game.  Just do anything I can to make myself a better player," he said.

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