Hebert makes early commitment, is he solid?

The Huskers came in late, but it may have been too little, too late. One the first official he pulls the trigger and makes a commitment. Now, is the commitment solid or can he be pursuaded?

What once was a golden secret of the recruiting world, is no more! A lot of teams saw talent in Ryan Hebert and probably preferred that news about his talent and abilities didn't make it all around the Internet.

Well there is no stopping it now. Ryan Hebert took his first official this weekend to Southern Miss and it will probably be his last. "Yeah I did commit. That was pretty quick huh? I went up there and I just loved it. When I went up there I just knew that was where I wanted to go."

One thing that may have been a red flag to Hebert about Nebraska, potentially, was the resignation of the coach recruiting him, Turner Gill. "What happened with Coach Gill? He was calling me all of the time then all of the sudden he hasn't called me in about two weeks and I asked what happened. Someone said to me today that he resigned."

Did the resignation give him enough reason to not need to see Nebraska? "It did a little bit, but it wasn't really the trip to Southern Miss that made me want to commit. I knew a little beforehand that was where I wanted to go because I was only two and a half hours away from home. That way my family can come and watch me play. It really got to a point where distance was a big factor."

"I got up there and it was jus the people and the community and how they took you in. I spoke to all of my coaches about knowing where I would want to go and they all said that it will just feel right with the surroudnings and the people. There is no way that any other school has what Southern Miss has."

Well, maybe the recruting stories surrounding Hebert aren't over yet. There seems to be some indication that the door is not closed, but it could be closing. In the past few weeks, more and more teams are picking up interest and more official visits are a possibility.

"I'm not sure yet. I'm probably not going to. Arkansas and Florida State came by my school today to see me. They want me to come up there and take a visit. I don't really know. I want to talk to my offensive line coach at Southern Miss and see what he thinks."

The first coach to see Hebert from Nebraska was Turner Gill. But, recruiting coordinator Scott Downing from Nebraska was the last. Is it possible if the interest is still there from Nebraska that he could officially visit Lincoln?

"Scott Downing was the last coach I talked to at Nebraska. I'm not sure if I would still visit Nebraska. I really appreciate everyone that recruited me and offered me. I am going to send out "Thank You" letters to all of the schools of everyone that recruited me. It was a big part of my life. It's their job and I'm just not the kind that I can just tell someone no like that."

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