Huskers still in it for McKinney?

e perhaps came out of the blue just prior to this official visit to NU. Since then, however, people have tried to get to know defensive tackle, James McKinney. Could he possibly add to a line-class that is still in sore need of some quality bodies? We talked to James to find out.

It's not everywhere you go where the home crowd is chanting your name. Well, at least when it's not your home crowd.

That's the experience defensive tackle, James McKinney had as he found out what most recruits find out when they experience game-day in Lincoln for themselves. "I couldn't believe they knew me." James said. "That's something when the crowd follows recruiting like that, so it was fun hearing my name and all that."

Responding in kind to the receptive crowd, McKinney was in the moment himself. Flashing the famous "bones", made so by the "blackshirts" over the years, his experience was more than what he had thought it might be. "You go on these visits and you expect to see everything that's good, but the crowd is something that you really can't prepare for, because you just don't see that everywhere."

Something else McKinney wasn't totally expecting as well was the NFL pedigrees that he has found so attractive as he like most recruits aspires for the ultimate league. "I knew some of that stuff, but not everything." McKinney said of having knowledge of everyone's experience in the NFL prior to his visit. "That was the big eye-opener for me, because they have all kinds of experience there."

That factor along with academics is what pushed Nebraska into the mix with his prior favorites, Michigan and Louisville. Since his Clemson visit, one might wonder have the Huskers faded at all. "Not at all." James said. "What they have to offer isn't going to change and that is why I like them."

"I like coach Jordan (Randy) and coach Blake (John), so I can't say that they will be there in the end, but I can't see why not. It's a good program with a real shot to play early."

The visits yet to take place will be Michigan this weekend, Oklahoma on the 17th and Ohio State in January after the U.S. Army All-American game.

As to any favorites? James said that right now it just doesn't matter. "Not really any sense having a leader now when I am making all of my visits." He said.

"The one that matters is after they're done."

We'll stick with McKinney until those visits are indeed, done and see if McKinney will add himself to Nebraska's line-class of 2005.

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