Moore set to be a Husker next week

There comes a point in everyone's lives when you are told to "grow up". Well, I have been told that most of my life, but for Dontrell Moore he has been growing up and taking on responsibility at every turn the past month or so.

Dontrell Moore is one of the most highly sought after JUCO linebackers in the country. From Louisiana originally, he failed to make grades and attended Coffeyville Junior College in Kansas.

At 6-foot-2 and 225 pounds, Moore can still cover the 40 in 4.5 seconds. That type of athleticism has allowed Moore to average nearly 10 tackles a game and led his team to a bowl game that they played in Arizona this past weekend. His play on the field goes over-looked for a life event that took place off the field for Moore though.

"I just had a little one, a little girl. She had her while I was at my bowl game in Arizona," Moore said. "That was this past weekend. It's going to be hard, but I am going to deal with it."

Before becoming a father and the bowl game, Moore took his official visit to Nebraska for the Colorado game. He finally had a chance to see what he will be playing in front of next year, even after he has already committed to be a Husker.

"I loved it. The fans and everything, it was unbelievable. The fans were behind them all the way. They just need some help out there. The fans were yelling at us."

"They just kept saying 'We need you, we need you!' They knew who we were. Our names were all in the papers and so I kind of expected it. I didn't expect the fans to be like that. My coaches told me that's the only football team in Nebraska and the entire fans look up to them. I didn't believe it until I saw it."

Moore had a great opportunity that weekend to meet some players that he could be lining up with next year in Lincoln. The Thanksgiving weekend saw some of the nation's best in attendance and Moore said that he connected with a few of them.

"I really connected with the recruit from Louisiana that is at Dodge City, Barry Cryer. I liked the defensive tackle from Kentucky (James McKinney) and the wide receiver from Houston (Brandon La Fell). There was a linebacker that was there too that I connected with and he said that he can come in with me (Steve Octavien)."

Despite having given Nebraska a verbal commitment, Moore has been receiving increasing pressure from all sides to take a look around at other schools. Recently Texas A&M and Oklahoma have been trying the hardest. In his mind though the race is over and he just wants to sign.

"Yeah there is my new baby and all. My girl is moving. They know it's for the better with what it is I am trying to do, trying to better myself. A lot of schools knew about my situation and trying to get me to look around. She is going to go to school in Texas at A&M-Commerce. It will benefit her and the child."

"I am done looking around. I am with Nebraska. I just need to make it happen for me and my little girl."

His whirlwind of a month seems to finally be slowing down. He has finals, graduation and then signing day all over the next couple of weeks. "I am finishing up with classes this week and I graduate. I sign one week from tomorrow. My life did back flips and got my stomach turning a bit. It all happened to so fast."

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