Getting To Know Stephen Benjamin

Stephen Benjamin may have flown under the radar for a number of Nebraska recruitniks but in the Huskers' attempt to revamp their receiver position, Benjamin may prove to be a great help. Just what kind of interest does he have in Nebraska? Is he looking to take a visit? What other schools are currently recruiting him and for what position?

Stephen Benjamin currently stands 6'2", weighs in at 205 pounds and runs a 4.5 40 yard dash.  Though it's been about a month or two since Stephen has heard anything from Nebraska, his interest in them has not waned.  "I'd say it's an 8 ½ on a one to ten scale," he said.  So what interests him in Nebraska?  "The fact that it's out of Illinois and being in a whole different atmosphere," he said.  Stephen is also quite fond of Head Coach Bill Callahan's new offense.  "Now they have a coach that's moving to the passing game.  I like the way the plays are being called," he said.


Benjamin's current top four are Nebraska, Northern Illinois, Michigan State and Wisconsin with Nebraska being his favorite.  Naturally, one would wonder if the well-built receiver from Chicago is interested in even taking a visit to the Cornhusker state after not hearing much from NU as of late.  "Yes, if possible, I was wondering when I could take a visit and if I was to take a visit what the requirements are," he said.  Stephen is being recruited as a receiver by Nebraska and Northern Illinois while Michigan State and Wisconsin are looking at him for a safety prospect. 


Stephen's senior year was one of frustration mainly because of the new signal caller under center.  "I had a hard time getting the ball because of the quarterback.  It wasn't that he wasn't getting it my way, he wasn't ready for it, he had a lot of pressure," he said.  Stephen had 650 yards receiving with 12 touchdowns along with a few hundred yards on multiple special team duties including being in on fake punts.  

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