Myers-White ready to finish off visits in Lincoln

It's the last visit for him. After that, it will be time to sit down and think about just what he wants to do. He's seen most of the places he's been attracted to from the outset, with just one more place to go. Adam Myers-White's visit to Lincoln this Friday could be it for him. It could be the visit he's been waiting to have. And, that's just what he and come January 15th, everyone else will find out. Will it be one of the others or is his last visit the one defining visit for him?

He's got offers from pretty much everyone else he's been seriously considering. And, he's been to just about all of them to boot. In fact, Adam Myers-White's official visit to Lincoln this Friday will be the final leg in recruiting.

There's one particular person that is certainly happy about that.

"It's about time." Adam said of the recruiting almost being over. "You just get tired of all that stuff."

You'll have to forgive the schools around the country for making it so much "stuff", but for Myers-White, there's plenty of reason to go out of their way.

He's's 6th best rated safety in the country. He's got more offers than most of us can count and his 6'3" body and 200 lbs. frame in combination with the position, "safety", well that's it, count me in, if I had a scholarship to pass out, I would be giving the kid one to.

All that is about over now and for White, this final visit to Lincoln will be good for two reasons. One, because the trips are over and he can now let the coaches come to him, save for his trip to play in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. And, two, it will finally give him a chance to check out a school that throughout the recruiting process, he's found a very intriguing place. "It's a place I have been wanting to check out for awhile now." Myers-White said. "The coaches have been recruiting me for a long time, so after hearing all that, you want to go see it for yourself."

What Adam has seen thus far is fairly similar from the way he saw things. Similar facilities, similar atmospheres and similar messages from the coaches. That's not a bad thing mind you, because Adam is learning the things he needs to know. But, like all recruits look at each school as a future home, he's hoping that by the end, one will feel very dissimilar to the rest. "It's just that feeling you want to get you don't feel anyplace else." Adam said. "You just want it to feel a little like home, comfortable, just a place you'd like to be for four or whatever years of your life."

Adam wouldn't say whether he's truly gotten that someplace versus not so much at others, but while he's skeptical, he's still waiting for that feeling to blow him away. "I've heard everything by now and because of how I grew up, you just can't pull nothing over on me." He said. "I know the sales-jobs a mile away, so I'm not waiting for someone to sell me. I am just waiting for a place to sell itself."

There does exist one slight bit of criteria that Nebraska might not find themselves in the best of company in trying to satisfy and that's something that places like Los Angeles and Knoxville might have in abundance in comparison.

Something to do.

As Myers-White was quick to point out, he's an athlete in the future, a student as well, but none of that means he's dead. "I like to have fun." He said. "The town doesn't have to be huge, but is there at least something to do. All places are different, but I just want to know a life beyond football and the campus."

He'll get a crash course in that no doubt this Friday as he ventures into the land of the Big Red. No football being played, classes winding down for Christmas, he'll no doubt get a chance to see Lincoln in all its glory.

Of course, that's not the only thing Myers-White is looking at, because as he stated it, it goes back to not what you see, but how it feels in the end. "All the programs I am looking at are great." He said. "Great facilities, coaching, academics and all that. So it's not about all of that stuff I know about or that all of them do well. It's about me and how at home I feel with the place, the town, the coaches, everyone."

"Take everything else out of it, if a place feels just perfect, that's where I am going. That's where I am going to be."

Whether or not Adam has felt that, he's not saying. He planned on sticking this recruiting process out and to his credit, he has done just that. And, if he feels that at Nebraska, he won't admit to that either, because he's already got the time set for when he's spilling the beans.

January 15th, the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

That's the date that the rest of the country will know.

And, oh yeah, I along with a ton of others from will be there, bringing you the instant Myers-White decides in our exclusive coverage of the event, everything leading up to it and of course, everything after.

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