OK, so will Gordon visit Nebraska...ever?

Something happened to what would-be Nebraska's No. 1 offensive tackle in the spring. Surely Nebraska would want the big man from Highland to visit. What happened exactly?

So there Marcus Gordon was and then he found out something that would be devastating about graduating and transferring. So what exactly happened?

"It was on-line class. My grade wasn't going to get back in time for me to get my degree, sign and transfer. So I basically changed majors to general studies that way I wouldn't need the class."

So, now that the classes are in-line and the degree will be in-hand and he can sign next week are the officials back on? More importantly, is the official to Nebraska back on?

"Uh huh, I am going to Nebraska tomorrow. I am taking off around 3:30 tomorrow," Gordon said. "I am going to Louisville next weekend."

Since spending a majority of his time lately occupying various administration building, Gordon has got his major sorted out and taken some calls from coaches.

"The offensive line coach, Coach Wagner. Everything's cool. I am looking forward to tomorrow."

Gordon is claiming that his options may be down to Louisville and Nebraska and claims that the two are his leaders right now. However, he is getting a lot of interest lately from other schools.

"As things and days go by I am getting more and more looks and more and more offers. I just got offers from Arkansas, Middle Tennessee State, and a whole bunch of Div I-AA schools."

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