Nebraska: In-house with Justin Thornton

At this time in recruiting last season, Nebraska was just getting started. Actually, not even now as the still new head coach and his group of assistants didn't get into full recruiting-mode until three weeks before singing day. Oh, how a year can change, but despite the names that are almost household in scope, some that aren't quite as well known can still be a possibility for the future. Such could be the case with Justin Thornton.

It's been a fun recruiting process for the multi-talented, Justin Thornton. He's got offers on the table, has been visiting schools he particularly likes and still has more to go. That's a dream most athletes will never know in that he's got choices in front of him where he can learn and play football for free.

This late in the recruiting process, though, even Thornton will admit that while he has some choices in front of him, he'd not mind having a few more.

Or, at least one in particular.

Nebraska isn't a childhood favorite, but being from Missouri, Thornton is fully aware of who they are. An interesting school, intriguing and inviting from the tradition he's seen from afar.

That is all well and good, but up until yesterday, it hasn't been one that's looked real close as a school he might consider. Yesterday, Nebraska came calling.

Secondary coach, Phil Elmassian stopped by to say hi and while Thornton has options already, he's just fine with adding one more. "Yeah, it's great to get interest from them." Justin said. "The coach talked to me about them, what they are doing and it's exciting to get the interest."

That interest is a definite by-product of Thornton's season, one that illustrates quite well just how versatile this young man is. 46 receptions on offense for 894 yards while scoring 15 times and on defense, he grabbed 4 interceptions, scoring on all but one. If that isn't enough, add two touchdowns in the return department, a 75-yarder on a punt and an 80-yarder on a kickoff.

Yeah, the kid is good.

Good enough to have offers from the home-state school, but Kansas as well along with Northwestern. Again, though, he wouldn't mind adding another. "Nebraska said that I could get an offer." He said. "They are waiting to see what happens this weekend. If they don't get any commits out of the group coming in, it sounds like they are going to be looking at me."

Some of those visits will be from players like Adam Myers-White and Reggie Smith, two of the top safeties in the country. That's what Nebraska sees Thornton as and he's happy to oblige. At 6'2" and around 190 lbs., Justin brings a certain physicality to his game, but from his offensive stats, you can see he brings an athleticism needed for the position.

And, if Nebraska does indeed offer, Justin said that it would definitely change things right now and the Huskers would be a certain future visit. "An offer would change a lot." He said. "I've only visited Kansas, but I would definitely be going up there to check the place out. It's exciting to get an offer from anyone, but obviously a place like Nebraska is big."

Justin is indeed anxious about the idea of NU offering, but with that aside, he says that it doesn't make the Huskers an obvious favorite. Looking at his place on certain teams and how he fits in, he says that Nebraska has to feel like that kind of place as well. "Everything comes down to the visit and how you feel about a place." He said. "How do I get along with the coaches. How do I get along with the players. It's all part of seeing just how you will feel about the next four years."

Thornton does hope to have that option, however, in at least having the opportunity to compare Nebraska to other others as a place he'd not just like to be, but a place that wants him there as well.

Stay tuned as we will keep you up to date on Justin and if he does indeed get that offer from NU.

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