The next Husker

He said he was going to wait until he got home to talk to his parents after his visit to Nebraska. His parents saved him the trip. With the elder Taylors in tow, Zac Taylor needed little more to say that he was going to be a future Husker. "I am excited about the commit." he said. "This place is a lot like Norman. Just a nice college town and it's all about this program."

The actual pledge whether it came today or this weekend seemed like an inevitable thing, but Taylor said that while he was confident in what could happen, he was happy to see with everything, Nebraska met his expectations and then some. "It's just a great place for football." he said. "The facilities, the crazy crowd at the basketball game, they are just insane."

Coming off his season where Taylor was the Jayhawk conference player of the year, Taylor doesn't spy his 3,000 plus yards and almost 30 touchdowns as an advantage coming in. "It's not like starting over, but in some ways it is." Zac said. "A whole new playbook, a lot to learn, so I don't have any kind of advantage coming in."

Taylor will get an early shot to learn as he will be enrolling in January, having the entire Spring and Summer to get acclimated to the new offense. And, for Taylor, he can't wait. "I sign the fifteenth and I can't wait after that." he said. "I really can't wait to get going."

Taylor now adds himself to the QB class of 2005 along with Harrison Beck. Taylor, though, will be counted against the total scholarships for last year instead of this year's group. That will make no less than 6 scholarship QBs for the Huskers. That's something Zac isn't worried about as he says that's just part of the game.

"Competition is competition." Zac said. "You just have to go in there, give it all you got and see where you end up."

"I know where I want to end up, so we'll see how it goes."

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