Finally the visit.......finally a Husker?

It was a visit just to make sure that Nebraska was everything he had heard. Not familiar with the Huskers, that's about all he knew. So, the trip for offensive lineman, Marcus Gordon would determine if they were "legit" or if he would continue looking elsewhere. So, the question for Husker fans is simple: Did he like it and is he walking off campus a future Husker.

Not having a lot of knowledge about Nebraska going in, Highland Community College offensive lineman, Marcus Gordon didn't know what to expect. What he had hoped, however, was that NU met at least most of those hopes he had had of any school when he finally decided to visit.

They did.

"Everything is great there." Gordon said. "The facilities and the ones they are putting up, the sold-out crowd since way before I was born and just everything. The whole trip was great."

What was even better for Gordon was the question he had about playing-time or at least, the opportunity to play was answered early and emphatically. "They are almost slotting me in to start." Marcus said. "It's exciting, but a little nerve-wracking to."

"I know that I'm ready, but there's always things I could work on and those are goals I have this year."

One thing the long-armed tackle is pretty solid at from what he says fits what Nebraska wants to a tee. Still looking for that unbeatable offensive-line in regards to keeping the pressure off the QB, Gordon say's he's ready for that phase of the game. "My pass-blocking is definitely my strength." He said. "The long arms helps, but I think I get off the ball pretty quick."

All that plus so much more was enough that when Gordon left, he said he was a future Husker. Now, all he has is time. They are not moments, though, where Gordon will spend it on his laurels waiting to sign. "That's the big-time level right there." Marcus said. "You work out harder, work out longer and get ready to be your best."

"And, keep on working out, because you probably have to be better than that."

Of his pledge to the Huskers, the soft-spoken Gordon sounded excited, but only in his particular way. Not one to go on and on about stuff, Marcus summarized his commitment to the Huskers in one way: "It's exciting to be a part of it. I'm not sure what a Husker is, but It's good to be one."

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