Which scholarship for which sport for Rands

For a future Husker and in-state standout, the official visit for Robert Rands was perhaps anti-climactic. That didn't make it any less fun, however, and he got to meet some players that might have or still become his future teammates. Rands talked about that visit and about his scholarship status and which sport will he be officially representing.

When you can long-jump over 25 feet, a track scholarship is probably underway. Well, it was and still would be for Robert Rands had he also not had an offer from the football team as well.

And, to that end, Rands will indeed be a football scholarship player for Nebraska, but said that he's still definitely participating in track. "Oh yeah, I am definitely doing that." Rands said. "I actually can't wait for track."

I am sure the football staff can't wait for Rands either as he has been fingered as one of the best shots NU has for the Huskers getting back to having a solid punt-return game. This last season, Nebraska averaged a paltry 5.8 yards per return, ranking them 107th in the country out of 117 teams.

Rands actually didn't return any punts this last year for Bellevue East, though, but Rands pointed out a good reason why. "I blocked two this year." Rands said. "I guess they just thought that I could get to the guy before he ever got it off instead of waiting to return it."

In the return department, while the punt-duties weren't there, the kickoff return opportunities presented themselves. Well, twice anyway. After that, teams wouldn't kick his way anymore. "I ran the first one back for a touchdown and the second one, I think I got to the twenty-five." He said. "They didn't kick too much to me after that."

The official visit for Rands wasn't anything where he was going to learn much about Nebraska he didn't already know. But, as far as familiarity goes, according to Rands, you can never know too much. "It's just another chance to talk to the coaches and players." He said. "It's always nice to talk to them before you show up. You don't know what you might have missed."

For this future Husker, his visit might have been anti-climactic, but it was still a visit to the place he'll in some months call home. It's just another chance to get an early feel of what it's like to be a Husker. "I had a great time." Robert said. "Now, I just can't wait to go back, but for good."

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