Roark takes official to Nebraska

Craig Roark took his only official visit to Nebraska this weekend. Craig was one of the first commitments to this class and has been to Nebraska a few times before. If anything, this visit was a chance to really hang out with the players who he will line up next to next year.

If height was the issue keeping some schools from offering Craig Roark then his latest height measurement at Nebraska will make some laugh. While Nebraska and Craig have always maintained he was 6-foot-3 he wasn't 6-foot-3 this weekend.

"Yeah they measured me and they said that I was 6-foot-4. I was like, 'what?' They measured me again and said 6-foot-4. I said OK if you want to call me 6-foot-4," Roark said.

This official and the Roark commitment is kind of a coming of full-circle for this class. Roark was one of the first offers to a senior-to-be by this new staff. It was obvious that he was one of, if not the, top choice at guard for Nebraska.

"I just got back a few seconds ago. It was awesome, I just had a blast. I got to just hang out with the players more. It was fun. I hung out with Lydon Murtha, Nate Swift, Clayton Sievers, Andy Christensen and Mike Huff."

Roark has been a real salesman for the staff when it comes to calling other recruits and just being a great ambassador for Nebraska. His chance was supposed to come this weekend to help host Dan Doering and Chris Scott, but those two visits fell through. He worked well with who was in Lincoln this weekend though.

"There was "Game Time", that's Raymond Henderson, I gave him the nickname. He had this big old belt buckle that said Game Time on it. I also hung out with Adam Myers-White, Robert Rands, Jeff Souder, Nic Harris and Reggie Smith. Oh and Chad, my brother Chad."

The coaching staff at Nebraska had their first opportunities to see film on Craig's younger brother, Chad Roark, who will be a senior next year. The 17 minute film was viewed by two of the coaches.

"Coach Callahan and Coach Blake watched a little bit of it. They haven't offered him yet because they haven't talked it over with the rest of the coaching staff, but they said that there wasn't going to be any problems."

There wasn't a sale pitch that Craig got that the other, un-committed recruits probably received. This was a laid back weekend to see the school and the town again before he is able to finally get up there.

"The whole weekend was more of a weekend just with the guys for me. They know I am already going there. Coach Wagner really didn't spend a lot of time with me because he is coming to my house and going to spend the whole day with me a little bit later."

"I saw the dorms and everything. There wasn't any free time at all. I probably got only about 10 hours of free-time all weekend."

Although Nebraska received "only" two commitments from the weekend, Roark was optimistic for Nebraska about the visitors that were there that didn't commit. "I think that there will be several more."

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