NU makes last on-campus pitch for Reggie

The first time around, it was just a couple of days and decidedly more difficult. At the Summer camps, Reggie Smith was there to showcase to everyone what he could do. This time around, however, it was now up to the school to showcase itself and see if they could push Nebraska over the top for this year's best prep in Oklahoma.

It was just a couple of days for Reggie Smith as he came to Lincoln and participated in one of their annual Summer camps. In that one full-day he had to compete, everyone saw just what made Reggie…..well, Reggie.

It was Nebraska's turn this time around as Reggie had already impressed them, so if they were to have any hope against the likes of the home-state Sooners, they needed to do the same in return.


"It was great." Reggie said. "When I was there last time, it was just a lot of going to practice, then to the coaches' office, going to practice and then to the coaches' office. So, this was nice being able to actually see everything I wanted to see."

Smith didn't see those alone as he was there with two other safety prospects in Adam Myers-White and Nic Harris. Looking at the competition, you might wonder if Smith was at all concerned about them possibly being at NU. Smith actually countered in that more is sometimes better. "Hey, the more great players you get, the better you are going to be." He said. "It's great to see they are trying to fill all the spots they feel they need to address."

"You can't have too much depth at any position."

As you might imagine, the competition doesn't bother him a bit, so with that in mind, he was looking at Nebraska as a school that could be for him. The facilities, the academics, the coaches, everything was something that Reggie looked at more in-depth this time around.

And, you might say that Reggie's affection for the program prior to this visit wasn't hurt in the least. "I've always liked Nebraska." He said. "I mean, that's not a secret, so this was just a chance to learn more about them, see some stuff I hadn't seen and hang out with the players."

"From the ones I hung out with, they seemed like they were real close."

With the visit now in the rearview mirror, it's Oklahoma up next week. And, while the Sooners and Huskers seem to be the clear leaders, Reggie was of course, not admitting to anything. In fact, Smith stated that he's still planning on taking some visits after the Christmas break is over.

Of course, he wasn't sure as to where. Teams like Oklahoma State and Texas A&M came up as possibilities.

Then, it's off to the U.S. Army All-American game where unlike many of those he visited with, he would not be announcing his intentions of where he would like to go. And, then back home to sit, think and even stew over just which place is right for him.

It's hard to read this one, but I would say that after the Oklahoma visit, Smith may in his mind already know. Of course, if he's not saying, than none of us will share that feeling of certainty. So, Husker fans, Sooner fans and other fans will wait and see just who is going to have a very Merry Christmas.

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