Harris braves the weather, likes Nebraska visit

The magic number for this weekend wasn't two like many thought it was. Even though Nebraska received two commits this weekend the number was three. Three as in three of the top-rated safeties in America chose to visit on the same weekend.

Nic Harris had always planned on visiting Nebraska. Then the coach recruiting him resigns, Turner Gill, and leaves him with no one to relate to at Nebraska. In a last ditch effort to get him in for an official Randy Jordan was able to still get Nic to take the official to Nebraska.

All in all it was a big score for Nebraska to just get the official considering where he was might have visited instead. There is also the aspect that Nebraska was able to get Harris' last official and will stay fresher in his mind. The game will be wait and see now for Nebraska, but Harris really enjoyed himself at Nebraska.

"I had a great time. Coming from Louisiana and going to Nebraska and not knowing a lot about the culture of Nebraska it's different. Very, very different," Harris said.

"First and foremost, it was cold. It was very cold. That can be a plus and that can be a minus depending on what type of person that you are. I found out things like they are 100 above the second team for total academic all-Americans."

"That is remarkable. That tells me that they're just not all talk. They walk the walk. The player-coach relationships that are there, it was just unbelieveable. It's like a father-son. It's just a great place to be, for some people."

For some people is right. Lincoln isn't a large city and it isn't even the largest town in Nebraska. But what is there has heart and Nic Harris noted that on his visit this weekend.

"You really don't focus on the size of the town. It's football and that's all that they have there. And people love you there. You don't necessarily think that it's a city-city. You think that there would be just fields. It's a big misconception. A very big misconception, but it just gives you all the right ideas about the school and talking to the coaches."

Despite having a new recruiting coach he was able to really get to know one another coach at Nebraska this past weekend. It doesn't take Coach John Blake days or months to leave an impression. In fact, he may have only had hours this weekend with Harris and it left a lasting impression.

"Coach Blake, that guy is remarkable. He is a great person. He is cool. He is just a genuine person. Out of the 100% of the time that I spoke to him, 99% of the time it was not about football. He wants to know who you are and who you are as a person, what you believe in, what drives you, what motivates you. That's just a unique person and a unique quality for him that he wants to get to know people."

One thing that was obvious this weekend was that there wasn't a football game for the players to attend. A lot of time was spent mingling with other players and getting to know what could be future team mates.

"I met with a lot of the players. I met with the Bullock twins. I met with Cortney Grixby, Titus Adams, Titus Brothers, Crunk Juice or Benard Thomas. I met with a lot of the players. I met with Reggie Smith, Marcus Gordon, Raymond Henderson, and David Harvey."

The safeties that were in to visit this past weekend was amazing for Nebraska. Adam Myers-White, Reggie Smith and Nic Harris all were in for official visits. What did that mean to Harris? "The best player is going to play. The best player is going to play, regardless."

Nebraska was the fift and final visit for Harris who can not get a chance to sort some things out from everything he saw on those trips. He had once thought about making a decision before Christmas, but it seems that might have changed some. "Sit down and make my decision. No time frame. Not at all. Whenever I feel comfortable. Whenever the time is right."

The one thing that will still be there through the rest of the recruiting process for Harris are in-home visits. Is he expecting any noteable company this week? "I don't think so. I think that I am just going to chill this week and spend the time with family. Coach Callahan may come on Tuesday, but I doubt it. We have to sit down and talk about it."

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