Options opening up for La Fell

At one particular point of the recruiting process, Nebraska was sitting at the top. Now, the race it would seem has gotten considerably tighter. For one of the best receivers out of the state of Texas, that's just how he would like it, because regardless of who his favorite is, well, it's nice knowing that schools are fighting for you. The question is, who's winning the fight right now?

Early on in the recruiting process for any recruit, there can be a lot of questions. Believe it or not, even for a standout out of Texas, it's possibly about how good they see themselves.

Not for Brandon La Fell.

Without being arrogant, La Fell is looking at the recent increase in attention not as a surprise, rather a surprise at what took them so long. "I know a lot of people really didn't know who I was until they saw what I did this season." Brandon said. "But, now that they have, the attention has definitely gone up."

From the likes of Missouri who La Fell just visited. From the likes of Miami, who Brandon is sure will offer sometime soon. From them and many more, prompting the obvious question from the added interests, do those prior interests like Nebraska start to wane.

"No, I wouldn't say that." La Fell said. "I like Nebraska. They have great facilities and it looks like an opportunity to play early. With Missouri, they don't have Nebraska's facilities, but I just felt more comfortable around those guys."

"I wouldn't say anyone is in the lead, but I like the Missouri visit a lot."

Brandon talks about those two, because those are the two he's taken and he's waiting to possibly take some more. Yes, to Miami if he has a chance, but Texas A&M and possibly others that he's not for certain on at this time. Frankly, that's the kind of problem Brandon likes to have.

"I'm the best receiver in this state." He said. "You have to prove that and I will, but it's tough being overlooked when you know that you are better than some of these guys that are rated higher than you."

La Fell did say that he wouldn't wax bitter towards the ranking process, but is glad that the schools are starting to take notice where the recruiting services apparently aren't. It's also made him look at his recruiting process as something that might last longer than initially assumed. "I thought I might have all this done before the new year, but now I don't know." Brandon said. "I guess if the schools keep coming, I'll keep looking and see what happens next."

Adamant about not saying who if anyone is a leader, La Fell said that the Huskers were still in it and he's not ready to rule anyone out just yet. But, it's safe to say, his eyes are open to any and all possibilities. When it's all said and done, La Fell still just wants to play.

"That's what everyone wants." He said. "You do what you are good at. I am good at this, so that's what I want to do. It's nice to have the choice of places I want to do it at. That's all."

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