Door still open to Stanford commit?

It's being debated right now on whether or not the NCAA should create a policy to allow players to transfer if a coach is fired. It is said that players commit to the coach as much or more so than they might to a school as a whole. That is why it is easy to understand why a commitment to a school whose future head coach gets fired may be keeping his options open.

For Matt Kopa this has been an interesting past few weeks. His senior season has ended and the head coach to his future college football team was fired. Both things have been tough to take in.

The season started in a similar, difficult way. "We started out 0-4 in the pre-season. Then we bounced back and won eight of our next nine games and lost in the second round of the playoffs," Kopa said.

His team doesn't track stats for offensive linemen, but Kopa was a stand out on both sides of the line this year. "I started both ways. I had 57 tackles, four sacks, two fumble recoveries, one caused and a whole bunch of batted passes."

At 6-foot-7, about 270 pounds and a master of the hand's up drill, Kopa made it hard for opposing quarterbacks to find passing lanes in his direction. What made Kopa also so physically dominating is his athleticism.

"At the USC camp two years ago I ran a 4.97 40 yard dash. At the Nike camp it was a 5-flat 40."

During his junior year, Kopa was offered and accepted an offer to become a Stanford Cardinal. However, recent changes with the head coach still have Kopa committed, but eagerly wanting some answers.

"All of the coaches are all great guys. I know that the team was having a rough time, but it really wasn't the coach's fault. The defense was tremendous. A couple of plays go differently and they win seven games. Like a dropped punt or an intercepted pass they could have easily gone the other way. I guess some offensive changes had to be made and that is where we are today."

"I still have to talk to Walt Harris. I haven't talked to him yet, so hopefully that will happen pretty soon. I'm still committed to Stanford. I don't really know if Walt Harris is bringing in new assistant coaches are keeping them the same. These questions are unanswered, but I have heard a lot of good things. He's done some great things at Pittsburgh and I commend him for that."

"I'm keeping my options open for if he brings in new coaches or because I want to play defense. A lot of colleges they want me for offense. I know that they are going to play me where they need me, but that is my priority to play defense.

Some schools have picked up on Kopa keeping his options open. Schools like Cal and Nebraska haven't backed off on Kopa and are encouraging him to take an official to their schools. He doesn't have offers from either, but it seems that an offer was attached to him taking an official.

Both schools have said that they would like to bring him in and play him where he is needed. "I don't have any interest in those teams right now. I am still waiting to see what is going on. I am not going to set up any officials until the assistant coaching staffs shake out. I have an official on January 7 and I hope to be filled in on a lot of things by then."

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