Was Iowa State the last visit for NU commit?

When a player commits, that's it. They are going to that school, end of story, let's move on. Of course, what if they decide to take more visits after the commit? Red flags are waving and whichever school is the one that is currently the potential future home for this recruit, they are thinking that the writing is on the wall. That's what Husker fans have been thinking about DT commit, Lorenzo Jones. The question is, do they have reason to worry?

When news of the impending Iowa State visit surfaced, Husker fans weren't happy at all. The thought was as it often is concerning a commit that decides to keep on visiting.

After the Iowa State visit, however, people read updates about how he didn't commit, so all was good in the world, people understanding that he might just need to compare.

That's how Lorenzo saw it at least. "My coaches said that Nebraska was the only visit I had taken." Jones said. "They said that I had nothing to compare it to and if I was going to be fair to myself, I had to go see other places."

Jones did that, Iowa State being his second official visit and of that visit, he stood behind his initial pledge to the big red. "Iowa State isn't Nebraska." He said. "It's just two entirely different kinds of places."

"I knew after Iowa State that I was definitely going to Nebraska."

Ok, there's that big sigh of relief for Husker fans, feeling they just dodged a minor bullet.

The question is, what if the bullets start to get bigger? Would an Oklahoma State not do as well in comparing to the Huskers? Texas A & M's facilities are renowned as being without peer. And, yes, there is of course the University of Texas.

All have offered and yes indeed, all are still possibilities for Jones' remaining visits. Lorenzo reaffirmed his pledge though, but stated that he isn't looking for a replacement for the Huskers, rather, he's utilizing his opportuniities to see if anyone can match up. "Nebraska is a great place and I loved everything about it." He said. "But, what if there is a place that fits me better, feels more comfortable or whatever?"

"I am committed to Nebraska, but I'm just trying to make sure that it's absolutely the best place for me."

Jones is stuck in a bit of a quandary. He's committed, likes where he's committed, but from all over he's hearing that he hasn't looked enough. He hasn't tested the waters, checked everyone out that he can and done everything possible to make sure that Nebraska is the place.

To that end, Jones is doing that, but is still not sure whether that process will go on. "I've got a visit scheduled with Oklahoma State on the fifteenth (Jan)." Lorenzo said. "I haven't scheduled anything with Texas A&M or Texas."

"I know people are going to think I am doing this because I don't like Nebraska. That's just not the case at all. I love the place and everything about it and I just want to be sure."

As you can imagine, the coaches from Nebraska encouraged Jones not to take anymore visits. Jones talked about that in that if Nebraska had done its job, they shouldn't have to worry even if he does. "Nebraska has done a great job recruiting me." He said. "They showed me everything about the program and I loved everything about it. I liked it enough to commit."

"So, they shouldn't be worried about the fact that I am taking more visits. They did everything right. So, I don't know why they should be worried."

To Lorenzo's defense, I would contribute this and that even he will say that doing all this extra research is not necessarily all his idea. As his high school coach, I would probably agree that you would want your player to know for sure that the school they chose is the absolute best choice for you.

As a college coach that has his commit, of course they don't want him to visit. That only makes sense.

So, who are you going to listen to in the end?

As of right now, Jone is a firm Husker. He's committed to Nebraska and genuinely likes everything about the program and where it's headed.

A month from now, can we say the same thing? Lorenzo doesn't know, but if he's able, he'd like to find out. "I'm just doing what's best for me." He said. "That's the next four years of my life. That's going to be my home. I think It's ok to look around just to make sure."

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