Now, it's just a matter of time for Top 10 DE

No more visits for him. He's done. Now, the hard part takes place. Defensive End, Raymond Henderson coming off of his visit to Nebraska is now officially looking at everything everyone had to offer. The school, the fans, the academics, all criteria that he's putting into place and come the U.S. Army All-American game, we'll all know his choice. We of course had to try to see if we could get a hint.

There's three schools that are the final trio that have a shot at Raymond Henderson.

Iowa, Tennessee and Nebraska.

Following his final visit to Nebraska, Henderson said of the Huskers that they showed him a lot of what he expected going in. "They have a great program." Raymond said. "Nice facilities, plus the ones they are putting up, good school, good coaches and it seems like they are getting some of the best players around."

Those are of course, just a few of his own criteria when it comes to choosing that school he's attending for the next four to five years.

It does come down to one thing, though, and that is a question that can be answered only when you see the school first hand – how does that place make you feel?

The players, the coaches, just the atmosphere. That's all a factor, actually the biggest factor for Henderson. "All of these programs are solid." Henderson said. "You can pick out little things here and there, but overall, you can't go wrong at any of them."

"It just comes down to the criteria I have and what's big is how the visits went, how I felt with the players and how I got along with the coaches."

When it comes to Nebraska, Henderson said he got along with everyone just fine, but one particular coach impressed. "Coach Blake (John), that is one real cool guy." He said. "Down to earth, humble, someone you know you can talk to."

That is obviously important, but Henderson wouldn't say that what Nebraska had the other schools didn't. "I honestly like all those schools right now." He said. "I haven't sat down and really thought about it, but now that my visits are over, that'' just what I am going to do.""

"Once I figure it all out with my family, I'll make my decision when I am down in San Antonio."

That's the U.S. Army All-American game, the now trendy place for some of the best players around to pull the triggers on their futures. And, while Henderson knows that people will be prodding and in some cases, pleading that he fess up on if anyone leads, he's holding fast until then.

"Right now, I don't even know who it would be, because we haven't sat down and checked it out." He said. "I'll know by then, though. I'll have it all figured out by then."

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