Has Hickman's Wrist Hindered His Progress?

Dealing with the recovery of his wrist, Nebraska commit Jacob Hickman is looking to really fill into his role as a defensive tackle in the Cornhuskers' future. How has his rehab progressed and what goals does he have during the off-season to achieve this? Also, what sort of communication have the Cornhuskers had with Jacob?

When signed, some raised an eyebrow at the mention of Jacob Hickman's name.  He didn't seem large enough to be designated as a defensive tackle, but that's changing and rather rapidly.  Currently, Jacob weighs 255 and he wants to be 275 by summertime.  He said that his goal is to eliminate fat while adding on nothing but lean muscle.  A hindrance to this may have been his wrist which he injured a while back.  "It ended up happening on a tackle, it basically is a spiral facture is what it ends up looking like," Hickman said.  Despite all that, surgery's been done, six screws and a plate have been installed and Hickman has been working out.  "It's the hand itself, it's fine. It's healing from the surgery and now I can lift weights and everything, been working out and everything and I have to have the stuff removed in a month and a half," he said.


Right now, Hickman isn't alone in his quest for more mass.  "Actually, right now I have a trainer that I go and work with," he said.  There are a few goals that Jacob wants to attain before he can really attack the idea of bulking up for his new position.  "Really trying to get everything back, flexibility and everything back to where it needs to be before I hit the weights really hard.  There's a few instabilities, so I gotta find those and attack them," said Hickman.  As far as contact, Jacob's had plenty of that from Nebraska.  "Actually, Coach Wagner is in town tonight and I'm gonna talk to him in about twenty minutes," he said.  Hickman speaks with Nebraska once or twice a week and recently, Coaches Callahan and Wagner came out to California to visit with Hickman and his parents.  "It was pretty cool, it was low-key just a chat, Q&A kinda thing, parents had a meet and greet, learned a little bit about them," said Hickman


Hickman has yet to take his official visit to the University of Nebraska and with signing day getting ever closer, it was almost a wonder if he'd get one in.  Luckily, Jacob's got the whole schedule down pat.  "As of right now it's on January 14th.  (The date) was a suggestion by the coaches," he said.   So will Jacob be up to a little recruiting of his own?  "That's definitely been suggested and that's something that I will do with the guys that are there," said Hickman. 

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