Familiar name re-surfaces for Husker fans

Husker fans may have had to pick up their heart off the floor this first time this recruit dropped consideration in being a Husker. Since his team has gone through some changing though with the coaching staff he is back on the market to a certain extent, but getting an official is an uphill battle that Nebraska will be trying to win.

And that is where we find David Nelson today. Husker fans are familiar with the names. They sort of had their hearts broke the first time Nelson committed to The Irish and now he is looking around a little bit again. Word travels fast too, but consider the player. We are talking about a 6-foot-6 wide receiver that can still stretch the field. Match up problems are endless when it comes to smaller or slower players who have to defend Nelson. That is what it has been busy around the Nelson household.

"We've had a lot of people come by the past week or two. Iowa was here, Texas Tech, Notre, Oklahoma State, Florida is coming down this week, Texas A&M is coming, Nebraska is coming and Kansas State is coming."

So with Notre Dame still coming around and calling, what is the situation between Nelson and Notre Dame? "I'm still committed there. I am taking a wait and see approach. I spoke to Charlie Weis the other day. I have taken two official visits. I went to Notre Dame and State last week. I am going to Iowa this week."

It seems that Nelson will remain a Domer if getting to know the new head coach goes well and when the fates of the assistant coaches sort of shake out.

"I'll definitely see myself staying committed if they come in and everything stays the same and I like what is going on. If I see myself being able to play for somebody else, I am not going to hesitate and I'm going to pull the trigger."

One of the biggest things for Nelson and how he connected was head coach, Ty Willingham. Undoubtedly losing him from the Notre Dame picture was something that Nelson thought about. But something else stood out a bit more than just possibly having a new head coach.

"He was a big part of it. I didn't decommit because he is gone, but I really didn't like the way that they handled it and forced it. It kind of make you think what is going to happen if this guy doesn't win this year or next year and is he going to get fired also? It just hurt the program."

With two official visits down and another one scheduled it is coming down to some more decisions. There are a bunch of suitors, some new and some familiar, looking to get one of the official visits from Nelson.

"The last two I am taking one to Florida for sure. I am not sure if I am going to take it before the All-American game or after. Miami called today trying to schedule a visit. This is the first time I have heard from them."

"Texas has come on a lot stronger lately. Nebraska, I like what they have going on. Kansas State is still in it."

Since Nelson committed to Notre Dame they aren't the only team to go through coaching staff changes. It seems that the Nebraska picture has changed somewhat for Nebraska too. "Coach Gill was recruiting me from Nebraska before. I am now being recruited by Jay Norvell their offensive coordinator."

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