3 in 1 recruiting rundown

After Jacob Hickman committed, we never knew what position he'd play. We know now. Jordan Congdon prepares for the U.S. Army All-American game and while he's waiting, the awards keep piling up. Justin Thornton is taking visits, but will he be taking a visit to Nebraska? All these in one in a mini-skinny of sorts as we keep you up to date in the world of NU recruiting.

For Justin Thornton, he's gotten attention thus far. If you ask most preps, though, even the most appreciative ones, a little more doesn't hurt. While he's already visited Kansas who's offered, is visiting Missouri as we speak, who has also offered and will visit Northwestern come next month and yes, they have offered as well, again, a little more attention doesn't hurt.

He's been getting that lately from Nebraska, the coaches even going down to his school. Will that translate to an offer? Right now, it's up in the air, but if the Huskers do offer, Thornton will officially be visiting Nebraska and you could easily say that the Huskers would be in the mix.

For his Senior year, Thornton had 46 receptions on offense for 894 yards while scoring 15 times and on defense, he grabbed 4 interceptions, scoring on all but one. If that isn't enough, add two touchdowns in the return department, a 75-yarder on a punt and an 80-yarder on a kickoff.

Thornton does feel that the Huskers are close to coming through with that offer. We'll wait and see if they do.


As we reported in a recent update, future Husker, Jacob Hickman has been battling a bit of an injury situation. His hand to be exact, one that will still need an operation at some point during this off-season. It didn't stop Hickman from enjoying the cast he had to wear for the last couple of games, however. "Oh, that thing was thick." He said. "I had some fun with that."

The NU commit has been speculated as playing offensive guard, defensive tackle and just about anywhere on either side of the interior. He's finally got an idea, though, of just where he'll be slotted in for his future with the big red. "Coach Wagner said that it looks like they will put me at center." Jacob said. "I know I have to put on some weight before that, but that's where I figure to be."

At a reported 255 lbs., Hickman said that the staff would like to see him around 280 to 290 lbs. That's a lot of weight, but for Jacob, he's ready for the increase in size. "You have to be big and strong to compete with those guys on that level, so if you have to get bigger, that's just what you have to do."

Hickman said that he's definitely redsshirting his first year to try and put on some of that size, but obviously, his current injury isn't helping. He does expect that by the time he arrives in Lincoln, he will be good to go. "It's not going to be a problem by then." He said. "I'll be ready to get there, get in that weight room and just work my butt off to get where I need to be."

Coach Wagner's recent visit to Hickman's house was basically a conversation about that and just seeing where Jacob was at. "It was just a nice conversation we had." Jacob said. "Coach Wagner is just a really nice guy and we just talked about stuff."

Part of that stuff, but more something he's thought about in his own mind rather than talked about with many others isn't just his role on the team, but the new team he'll be going in with. Nebraska having easily one of the best recruiting classes thus far, Hickman is excited about the future. "It's such a good class, you have to be excited that you know that you aren't just playing with good people, but good people that are pretty solid players. It really makes you want to get in there and get going."


One player that will be going, down to San Antonio that is, is kicker extrordinaire, Jordan Congdon. The awards for Jordan keep piling up, now named to the All-League team and what the family considers the biggest honor he's received in his entire career, a captainship on the All-League Academic team. "That was just a wonderful surprise for us." Jordan's mother, Gayla Congdon said. "We were going to be glad just to be on the team, but he was made the captain. So, that is really special to us."

Also special is that fact that Gayla reported that Jordan has now been nominated as a Parade All-American. The actual list of players to make the team should be known early in 2005.

Congdon's trip to the U.S. Army All-American game will be his second, Jordan being a participant in the junior combine that is held during the week of the annual contest between some of the nation's best preps. This time, he'll be a player.

Congdon will have a luxury during the game, though, as unlike any other time in his career, the defenses won't be allowed to block extra points or field goals. That's something that Jordan's mother thinks he's liable to enjoy. "You don't get a chance at something like that very often." She said. "I know he'll be kicking off the ground more than he has before, but with no rush on the kicker for field goals, I'm sure Jordan will be eating that up."

During his career at St. Augustine, Congdon has rewritten the record books in both section and state-play. Jordan equaled the section career kicking record of 261 points set by La Jolla Country Day's Eric Abrams between 1988-91. Congdon also matched the section best of nine consecutive field goals set by Rancho Bernardo's Nate Tandberg in 1993.

To add to that, Congdon was recently named first-team All-San Diego Section as both the kicker and punter.

Congdon will be competing against Junior-to-be, David Dyches for the kicking duties for the 2005-06 season.

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