Visit to Nebraska changes things for MU commit

It's been awhile since he made his decision to be a Tiger. Back in April to be exact. Since that time, Chris Brooks has thought, re-thought and debated with himself as to just what his future was to be. In an attempt to try and put perspective on that, Brooks made an official to Nebraska. Now, is his picture more muddled or have things suddenly become clear?

The motivation behind the Nebraska visit was simple. Chris Brooks, one of the top players in Missouri, it was a given that Missouri was where he'd be. And, for the longest time, even after his pledge in April, Brook eagerly agreed.

Now, he's thinking about things a little differently.

"People here just expect you to go to Missouri." Chris said. "There's a lot of pressure to go there and when I committed, I figured that was where I wanted to be."

What's changed isn't anything that happened during the Nebraska visit, but everything that led up to taking the trip in the first place. "There's just so many things that I just sat and thought about when it comes to Missouri." He said. "It's a great program, but does it fit me, will it be a good fit for my future and just so many things that I never thought about before."

One of those goes far and beyond what most recruits have to think about and that is his family. No, not that family……HIS family. With an eight-month old son (Chris Jr.) and a fiance' (Britney), Brooks probably looks at his future significantly different than your average joe prospect. "It's a lot to take into account, so I have to be sure about everything." Chris said.

"I have to think about my family, what's best for them, all kinds of things that I never thought about before."

That leads us up to taking the visit to Nebraska and Brooks says of the reason he decided on the visit was because of a person that his school has gotten to know. "Coach Cosgrove, back when he was at Wisconsin, recruited like every receiver to come out of Hazelwood." Brooks said of defensive coordinator, Kevin Cosgrove. "He didn't get Reggie Germany, but I know a lot have gone up there."

"That was how I got to know him, but just through the recruiting process, it's always been kind of in the back of my mind."

From a subconscious level to thinking about the visit and finally, the visit up to Lincoln.

So, how did it go?

"It was incredible." Chris said. "There's just nothing you can say about that place that's bad. The academics, that tunnelwalk thing they do, the fans, the tradition, it's just everything."

"I got along with the coaches real well and it's just a great program."

Brooks is also excited about the future of Nebraska as he's seen through the struggles of the Huskers just what head coach, Bill Callahan and company have been trying to do. "That's one thing that when you look at Nebraska and Missouri, Nebraska is trying to throw the heck out of the ball." He said. "They didn't have a lot of success last year, but when you see around sixty pass attempts, you can see where they are trying to go."

For a receiver, that's gravy, enticing even, especially for a wideout that is one of the most prolific you are going to see anywhere. Brooks managed over 1,200 yards this year receiving and that is just 66 catches, Chris scoring 14 total times.

How he does it, well, Chris would say that it depends on the situation. "I'm not sure why it is, but I can get that ball on a slant, fade or whatever, make a move and nobody can catch me." He said. "It's been like that since I was a Sophomore, but it really just kind of exploded this year."

That led to Brooks being one of the most recruited players out of the "show me" state, even after he made his initial decision to attend Missouri.

Now, coming full-circle of sorts, while his first decision hasn't changed, his thought process has about just what he plans to do. "I'm still committed to Missouri." He said. "I consider it a soft verbal, because I am looking at all my options right now."

Brooks said that there is the thought that he might go to visit Illinois, now under new head coach, Ron Zook. Whether he actually makes that visit or not, however, not even Brooks knows right now. "I've been thinking about it, but I'm not sure if I will make it." Chris said. "Right now, I just want to put that Nebraska visit into perspective, sit down and talk with my family about it and I'll hopefully have a decision by early January."

Until then, Brooks knows that the pressure to be a Tiger is probably only going to increase, now that they know another team is in the mix. Brooks reiterated the point that when he looks at his baby son and future wife, what others think about his future doesn't matter, because nobody has to live it but him.

"I've got more to plan and think about than most recruits." He said. "To just commit and not look at everything, it's not being fair to myself, but it's not fair to my family either. I might still end up at Missouri, but there's just so many reasons that I have to be absolutely sure and when I am, I can feel good about my decision."

Added stuff: Just my opinion, but Brooks wasn't all that excited about the prospect of visting Illinois. That means, at least to me, that Nebraska was the one visit he felt like he needed to make.

In his words, he said it opened up his eyes and that spells good things for NU.

Plus, I get almost gleeful when a player calls me back as this was the case with Chris. That happens very few times and he's just a super kid to talk to. Real level-headed, but considering the responsibilities in his life, you can imagine why.

Stay tuned

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