Brooks and Jackson a package deal?

The reason for his visit was probably two-fold. First, one of his better friends and current commit to Missouri, Chris Brooks was invited to take a look at Nebraska, the Huskers trying to woo the wideout to the big red. Second, Anthony Jackson up to this point at least, has been fairly off the radar. This was his way to get on it with a bullet. Now, what's the chance that he and Brooks might become future players for the Big Red?

There's little anticipation as defensive tackle, Anthony Jackson makes his trip up with good friend, Chris Brooks. He's excited, but the excitement is tempered by both an even disposition, plus the idea that Nebraska could be just the beginning.


Up to this point, the 6'4"- 320 lbs. defensive tackle has gone at least to the bigger schools, unnoticed. Much of that Jackson surmises that while his season at Hazelwood was progressing, so was he. "During the first part of the year, I just wasn't that good." Jackson said. "I was having problems getting up-field and going side-to-side."


"Towards the end of the year, though, I was having a pretty good year and doing a whole lot better."


Better to the tune of around 50 tackles from the interior defensive position, including one sack, plus Jackson recovered 2 fumbles.


That late-blossoming unfortunately had an effect on the landscape of his recruiting. "The schools looking at me right now are just smaller schools." Jackson said. "Southwest Missouri State, Tennessee-Martin, places like that are the ones that are coming after me."


With that being the case, you might think that Jackson was at least a little surprised when the Huskers had him come up with top 25 receiver, Chris Brooks. "Yeah, I was a little bit, but I was keeping a pretty level head about it." He said. "I just went in thinking that I am going to take a look, see what it's like and talk to the coaches to see  just how serious they were."


Jackson got the gist of that when the coaches said that at this point they were willing to offer him what is called a "greyshirt", meaning that he would have a scholarship, but not one that would start right away. "They just told me that like the first year or semester, I was like a walk-on, but after that, I would have a scholarship."


That idea, even in the light of full offers from the smaller schools still remained intriguing. After all, no offense to the aforementioned programs, the comparisons would seem obvious. "It's what you expect of a program like that." Anthony said. "Big stadium, lots of new facilities going up, just all kinds of stuff the other programs don't have."


Ok, so that's it. Jackson has an offer, albeit a partial one and it's from a markedly larger program than any that has shown serious interest thus far. It would be a no-brainer that he should be a future Husker.




Not quite as the Nebraska interest got Jackson to thinking and since he's not the type to rush into anything, now is the time he wouldn't mind sitting back and watching what happens. "If Nebraska is there, maybe someone else will be." Anthony said. "A full offer is a full offer and that's really what you want. You never know, but if Nebraska was interested enough, maybe someone else will be to."


That goes with common sense and who could blame him for waiting for a full-ride rather than taking a fractured-one from NU. There is one other factor yet that might come into play.


What's Chris going to do?


You hear about it all the time, players that say that ideally, they have a friend or even teammate that they would like to play with in the future. That usually ends up being some type of thing that kids are supposed to say, both ultimately going their own way, saying that it would be nice, but it wasn't going to effect their decision.


This time, it might actually be legit.


"Yeah, we have talked about it a lot." Anthony said. "We talk about it like it would be cool, but I wouldn't mind at all. It'd be cool for us to go to the same school." A recent interview with Brooks echoed those sentiments, so that what seems ideal, might be the idea that both has for the future.


Brooks does remain a commit to Missouri, however, a school that hasn't crossed the path of Jackson to any major degree. It's not to say that Jackson wouldn't end up there, but for right now, his options are probably as open as they have been in awhile.


"I want to see Chris make the decision that's best for him." Jackson said. "If he decides he wants to go to Nebraska, yeah, I'll definitely think a lot more about them. I'm thinking a lot about them as it is."


Brooks said to us in our interview with him that a decision for him could come as early as the first week of January. If that's the case, Jackson's could come not long after. Anthony isn't committing to anything just yet, though, especially committing, because now thanks to the visit to Nebraska, he's trying to keep his options and his hopes up in the air. "We'll see what happens." He said. "You don't know what can happen, so until things become a lot clearer, I'll just take it as it goes."

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