Expectations: NU fans, teammates, the future

High expectations are the norm for the upper-tier division 1-A prospects. High expectations of them and from them, especially concerning the future. Standout running back, Leon Jackson is no different. He's always had high expectations and believe it or not, they start with the U.S. Army All-American game and even the Nebraska fans. Ironic how much they expect of him, Leon is expecting likewise in return.

The trip or even just the invitation to play in the annual U.S. Army All-American game, well, it's an honor. Even the best of the best at the prep-level will concede to that.


Once they have it in their mind they are going, however, the honor wears off a little and all of a sudden, it's another game, one they want to win.


Pasco high running back, Leon Jackson is no different as he looks at the trip two ways, fun for awhile and then, it's down to business. "I plan to enjoy that week leading up the game." Leon said. "It will be a chance to get to meet people that you hear about or just people might already know."


"But, once the game starts, it's all business."


That's the same attitude that got Leon almost 1,800 yards on offense, averaging an incredible 14 yards a carry, scoring 24 times. It's that attitude that makes an all-star game another game to show what he can do. "I'm not trying to make a statement or anything like that, but you want to do the best you can do." Leon said. "So, when I step on that field, I am going to go at it like I have done all year, my whole football career actually."


While Leon is out there busting it, trying to pile up yards with similar frequency to what he did in the regular season, he's expecting to do it in front of a crowd. No, wait. Let's be a little more specific. In front of a RED crowd, that is.


Much like most prospects that pick Nebraska, one thing that sticks out in their mind is that sellout streak from 1962. Also, the games they attend and the "Sea of Red" that is as famous in certain parts as it is in Lincoln itself.


That's what he's expecting, definitely hoping he'll see under the dome in San Antonio. "If Nebraska fans showed up like that or at least a lot of them, that would be the best." Leon said. "They have such great fans, so I am hoping they show up, but looking at how they travel and everything, you almost expect them to."


With 6 commits playing and up to 6 more prospects playing that could end up being commits, there's enough motivation for the rabid faithful to show up, thus the reason Leon is anticipating they will. "I'm sure they will be there, at least a few." He said. "They seem to go everything else that has to do with Nebraska, so I'm thinking they will make this to."


They will make it no doubt as Husker fans usually do. To see Leon and Lucky, Craig and Congdon, Phillip and Picou. As well, Husker fans will eagerly watch Smith and Suh, Myers-White and McKinney, pondering what will be, hoping for what could be for the big red.


Leon looks at all those names of those that are current Huskers and possible Huskers and is glad that he'll have this chance to meet them before they all finally hook up in Lincoln. "It's going to be great to meet up with some of my future teammates." Leon said. "There's so much I can't wait for, but that's going to be exciting. You have this connection already even before you meet each other, so it's going to be like seeing friends you've never met."


Those friends along with himself have helped to make Nebraska one of if not the top recruiting classes in the country. That little factor hasn't been lost on Jackson either. "To see this class and what they are putting together, you have to think that it's going to be a huge boost for the team." Leon said. "I think that with the kind of talent they have there already, people are going to be pretty excited about the future."


"I know I can't wait."


Leon will wait, of course, and while he's waiting, between now and February 2nd, there is bound to be about a thousand more rumors about him and how he's going to Washington. Or, maybe USC again, Oregon State even, or I hear it's nice in Hawaii. Jackson chuckles a little and says that at this point, he's possibly heard it all. "I don't even get surprised by that stuff anymore." He said. "I know where I am going, but if they don't, I just tell them and that's it. And, then the next guy will call."


The year has been a learning process, but for Leon, he's not changing a thing. There's little stuff, nit-picky stuff, but overall he's happy with the result. What he's most happy with, however, is the fact that when he looks to the future, the positives are many and honestly, he can't wait to start taking advantage of them and maybe even helping to make them happen.


"Everything is going to be great." He said. "I know we are all going to work hard, but we all want the same thing and that is to win. This new staff knows how to get the players in to make it happen, so it's going to be up to us to get out there and do it and I know I just can't wait."

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