Nebraska A.D. rebuffs criticism

Gutless, Spineless, unprofessional. Houston athletic director, Dave Maggard has called Steve Pederson and the entire Nebraska athletic department all that and more. Up to this point, the Nebraska A.D. has been silent in his response. Not anymore as today he issued a statement about the events of recent days.

"I do not believe that concerns between two schools should be played out publicly. I have tried not to respond to the attacks from the Houston Athletic Director out of respect for the game of college football. However, with misstatements and unfair criticism of our University of Nebraska Athletic Department made public, I want to set the record straight.

"When we began negotiations to play Houston, there were certain requirements that Houston knew must be met. After much discussion and long delays, we did not receive the assurances of those requirements necessary to proceed with this game. With the football season nine months away, I felt it necessary to protect our program and move forward with completing our schedule. I informed Houston of this before we proceeded with signing the contract with Wake Forest.

"No contract was ever signed by either school and I want it to be known that the University of Nebraska does not have a history of backing out of signed game contracts."

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